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Purple, Precious, and Perfect

When it comes to jewelry Park, and Buzz knows how to steal a woman’s, heart. They offer a great selection of beautifully crafted jewelry items. I recently received the mother/ daughter set. I am in love with the beautiful purple stone set. As a tribute to my father’s passing, I chose to give one to my daughter, and the other to my mother. The both love the way that these look on them. Dbug was full of giggles and hugs for her new earrings that are just like grandma got.

These make a great mother/daughter or grandmother/granddaughter set for Valentine’s day or any holiday for that matter. They are sure to please. The small 6mm set is perfect for smaller ears. The 10mm adult earrings make a great addition to most outfits.

I love that these are the crafter to last. I have had many similar earrings over the years that last only a short while. These have been beaten up between moving and wearing them. They still look perfect. They are not that heavy on the ear, which for me is a good thing. I do not like bulky feeling earrings. These are light enough that once they are in the ears, you almost forget you are wearing earrings at all.

Sparkle and shine with our all time best selling studs. Dress them up or dress them down, these will go with everything. They are a must have staple item.

Another thing that my mother and I both loved about these earrings was that they come in their leather pouches. There is one pouch per earring set. This makes it easy to separate them and give them as gifts to ladies that you love. Then again, they are so nice; it may be a great gift to give yourself, just because you can. The bags that you get a durable and look beautiful. I love that they are leather, instead of the mesh or crushed velvet that are destroyed within the first couple times of using them to store the jewelry that came in them.

Perfect with any outfit and are more beautiful in person.

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