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It is so much fun watching your little ones engage themselves in creativity and exploration. I love when I see my kids enjoying coloring or drawing and being creative. I used to give my child a ball point pen and a paper pad to pass some time, but that is just way too boring and not really much fun at all. What is fun is the coloring rolls from Qollorette. I love their products, because their designs are uniquely made for children, to inspire and engage them.

Coloring Roll

My favorite aspect about the coloring rolls are that they are re-adherable. It is great to stick up against the walls or on the floors and not move around, allowing my little ones to be able to color properly.  There are two versions for the coloring rolls. You can choose the Amusement Park theme or the City Life theme. What is also impressive is that the color paper is sixteen feet long! They can however be cut up into pieces to allow your child to color while on a car ride. There is a lot of fun detail on the coloring roll allowing your little one to be engaged for hours.

The Perfect Set

What comes in a Qollorette gift box is an adhesive coloring roll, wooden pencils, crayons, stickers and tattoos. The color pencils come in a cute durable cylinder box with its own pencil sharpener. The colors the pencils come in are brown, brick, green, pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, indigo, blue, black, and emerald. The colors the crayons come in are purple, black, green, yellow. brown, orange, red, and deep blue. You can always reuse the packaging the set comes in for storage as the boxes are high quality.

The tattoos are really fun and can come off nicely with baby oil or alcohol wipes. Also, there is a magic sponge eraser where you can use it dry without water and remove the pencil or crayon marks that you would like to erase from the coloring roll. Along with the fun coloring sets and paper roll, there are also plenty of fun vivid stickers. It is so much fun when I see my kids match up the stickers to the scenes of the paper roll. Many children can use this set at one time since it is very long and comes with plenty of pieces.

The prices are reasonable, roughly around twenty US dollars for a gift box set. If you order over $50, then shipping is free. I think these make excellent holiday gifts for children. Parents can join in on the fun and help their child color along the way too!

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