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Over the many years of my life I've used quite a few different shampoos and conditioners. And, I have to say, they definitely are not all the same. Finding a good quality shampoo and conditioner has taken a lot of trial and error. So, when I was provided with hair products from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care I was excited to try them!
Number 4

Pamper Your Hair With Number 4

Number 4 believes in providing quality and excellence through their products. And, once you try their products, I believe you'll come to see this is true.
Number 4 has a wonderful Hydrating Shampoo, which helps protect hair color and is anti-aging. It also, as the name implies, provides hydration without weighing the hair down. The scent is refreshing and absolutely delightful. And, the shampoo is concentrated, so you don't need to use a lot.
I also received their Volumizing Conditioner. This product is great for minimizing tangles and for providing moisture and shine—and all without weighing the hair down. According to product's website, their Volumizing Conditioner “helps to achieve fuller hair (and) amplified volume.” And, as for the scent of this product, it is lovely. It's like a pampering experience just to smell the scent of it as it helps take care of your hair!
According to the products' website, both, the shampoo and conditioner, are free of sulfate, sodium chloride, gluten, and parabens.

No More Tangles With The L'eau de Mare

And, lastly, I also tried the Number 4 L'eau de Mare Brush. When I used this brush it was gentle on my hair and wonderful for detangling. It was also not stiff, which I appreciate. I have thin hair, so a softer brush is what I prefer because it's easier on my hair and tends to not pull my hair out (which I can't afford since it's thin). The bristles are flexible, which makes for easier and more enjoyable brushing. I really like this brush and it couldn't have come at a better time since I was in need of a new brush. This brush is made for all hair types.

Number 4 Cares About The Animals & Your Hair

Number 4 products are vegan, cruelty free and shark squalene free. So, they help protect the sharks and other animals! How cool is that?!
If you need a gift idea for mom (or a new graduate or yourself), think Number 4 High Performance Hair Care! Their products provide a wonderful way to pamper the self while caring for the hair!

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Number 4

Number 4 Hair Care – it's amazing and delightful! It also makes a great gift for that someone special in your life!

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