All I can say is Valdobbiadene “Prosecco” Superiore DOCG when you are looking for a wine. It is a wine with lively elegance and fruity and floral fragrances, that soothes the palate. This wine began in  1887 by Francesco Mionetto in a small village of  Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a hilly area in North-East Italy, 50 km from Venice and 100 km from Dolomites. The excellence of the Glera Vine cultivated on the steep slopes of the hills of Valdobbiadene, which is the heart of DOCG.  Mionetto’s reputation for Quality, Tradition, and Innovation on wine is something to speak of. In the heart of Prosecco Region, Mionetto produces exceptional wines with National and International acclaim.  For over three centuries people have grown the grapes that produce Prosecco Superiore.  Prosecco Superiore, whose success began with the founding of Italy’s first School of winemaking in 1876. The production area covers 15 communes and represents the heart of Prosecco. It is one of Italy’s historic sites and was recognized in 1969. In 2009 with the reorganization of Prosecco, the Ministry of Agriculture classified it as a D.O.C.G., Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin with the highest level of quality for Italian Wines. 

Glera grapes that harvested in the DOCG area of Valdobbiadene, give birth to a sparkling wine with brilliant pale yellow color, an aroma of apple, pear, and citrus. It takes 600 hours to cultivate a vineyard in this area and 3000 wine growers to tend to the vineyards of Conegliano Valdobbiadene to produce this wonderful amazing wine that we all get to enjoy and love. This wine is a wonderful companion and ideal wise to appetizers, also cheeses, white meats, vegetables, crabs, fish, also great with pastries. Not only does this wine taste exceptional on the palate, the bottle itself is something of beauty, so beautiful you almost do not want to open to enjoy the beauty of the golden treasure inside this beauty of a bottle. Every bottle bears a Government Quality Label, which proudly displays a number that makes it one of kind and traceable. Together with the name and logo and the denomination which also makes it unique and traceable. The bottle is very distinctive with its golden color, which is a symbol of all of Italy’s D.O.C.G.s.  If you ever get the opportunity or are given the opportunity to enjoy Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG by Mionetto please do and do not pass up the opportunity it is marvelous.  You can visit their website .it for information and history on this wonderful wine and history of it and making it. You can purchase this wine at local retailers near you and also at various websites online.    


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