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Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, and I have been trying to get Ray to stop for years. He has been told by plenty of drs to stop since he had heart issues and of course he would not. Trying all kinds of vapor pens and none of them really worked, this one has done a great job. He really likes it and its very  easy to use. He gets a kick out of it. 

Recently we had the chance to get him the Quick Draw 300 and he seems to be enjoying this one, not only can he choose his favorite liquid flavors, he has a dry canister also. This one is doing the job he has not smoked for about 2 weeks. And I am hoping this One does the job.


The QuickDraw 300 DLX Vaporizer is just a good solid pen unit. A quick one person vaporizer with tanks for all purposes. This is the first portable pen vaporizer that we found him that works. Cartridges are also available separately for around $20. This is the smallest pen style vaporizer on the market as of today and it is very good performer.

So far this one has really done the trick, the fact he can use both dry and liquid makes him happy. Choosing the flavors is a big thing for him. He goes and looks through the liquid and it lasts him for a month or so. He has cut down so much on his smoking and I am loving that.  We would go to the Dr and they would ask me if I smoked. And how many he would be smoking, Now when we say hes cut down we wont be telling a white lie anymore, 


Each cartridge serves its own purpose: One for herbs, one for concentrates, and one for e-juice or nicotine. It has a lithium-ion battery which allows it to work for a very long time when fully charged, Ray could not wait and got in a couple of hits before it charged fully. He says this one is awesome and he loves using it. Precision Heating; QuickDraw 300's smart-heat technology will heat your material at the precise temperature for rich and flavorful clouds.

QuickDraw 300 DLX Box Includes:

1x QuickDraw battery
1x dry leaf cartridge
1x wax cartridge
1x Liquid cartridge
1x Magnetic charging USB cable
1x USB wall adapter
1x dab tool
1x scoop
1x cleaning brush

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