We know what you're thinking. How are you going to get through this? It's crossed our minds every time an exam rolls around that we are not prepared for and can't seem to focus on enough. Maybe that's the problem though. All of your energy, stress, and thoughts are going into preparing for an exam that is days away.


Assuming you studied hard for a few hours every day, what else can you really do to pass the exam? .It’s important to give your mind a break, and when you’re ready to study again, simply focus on the task at hand: learning. -Nothing beats being well-prepared and being armed with information for any upcoming tests. Online resources such as ExamGenius will help you find the best study materials in your study preparation journey.–


If you are experiencing stress at this very moment, sit back and take a deep breath. We are going to share some of the tips and tricks that have helped many students get through exams, even when it seems impossible.

Create a Schedule and Organize Your Time


You know that you have to study, but you keep putting it off. Now it's down to the wire. As long as you have a few days to a week to prepare, you can still cram and study in a short period of time. The key is to take breaks and plan out your sleep schedule. You may have to take a break from going out or watching your favorite Netflix show to study, but how badly do you want to get a good grade?


If the answer is that you need to get the best grade possible, then it's time to set a schedule based on the material and time you have left. For example, if you have multiple chapters to read and practice tests to go through, you should schedule out a couple of hours per day to tackle these tasks.

Schedule Study Group Time and Support One Another


In addition to studying on your own, you should plan at least 2 study sessions with somebody from your class or a study group on campus in your subject, especially if you don't know the material very well. You can look at other notes, ask questions, and talk to people about what's going to be on the exam. It's also just a relief to hear that others are going through the same stress.


Studying isn't always better in numbers, but it can help you relieve stress and get out of an anxious mood when you talk about it together. However, if you're not a social person or have your own study guides, you may just want to get together with a friend to talk about anything but the exam.

Calm Your Nerves with Therapeutic Techniques


There are a few things that help with nervous energy, anxiety, and stress. Most of it lives in your mind, so when you can alter your thoughts and focus on something else, you can give your mind a break. For example, you may want to try award-winning CBD topicals and creams to soothe sore muscles and encourage good sleep, sipping chamomile tea forces you to slow down and can calm the mind, or aromatherapy oils in a diffuser to alter your environment and create a peaceful feeling. You can reach out to sites like BluZen Wellness if you don't have a diffuser already


These techniques provide peace of mind, even if just for a little while. If you add in meditation and deep breathing, you can extend this time away from your exam stress.


Have You Been Feeling Stressed Over an Exam?

You shouldn't keep everything inside if you are feeling stressed about an exam. Colleges and universities offer advisors and counselors to help students through difficult periods. If you need to use these lifelines, you should visit your school's student center as soon as possible.

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