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Quiet Down Your Soul





Make Your Perfect is a wonderful Me Time/Quiet Time calming coloring journal. Not only does it have prayer prompts but you can also color each page to you taste. It gives you two ways to calm and quiet your soul. One is the coloring and the other is each page has plenty of room for you to write down your most private thoughts and anything you just want to put down where noone will see and the things that you want to tell God in your personal time.

I use this along with my Bible and Bible Study books in my time alone. I love to color and love the idea of making each page my own. I also have one each for each of my three kids. We all love the calming and peaceful effect that this book has on us. We even use this in our Bible Study group that some of the ladies and I have gotten together. We just love being able to not only be there for each other but can pray for each other along with the prayer prompts in this book.

I will definitely recommend this to the whole congregation at our church and anyone else who asks for this or something like this. I will definitely be looking to buy more of this kind of book. I truly do think that this is a good tool to use along with any and all other Bible Study tools that are out there. I am in several Christian Facebook groups and I have definitely told them about this coloring journal. I absolutely love coloring in it and writing in it.



I absolutely adore the idea and fact that I can have my favoritebeverage and go into another room or space in the house that I love being in and taking my coloring journal and just coloring and writing my thoughts and prayers to my Heavenly Father.

When I first got this book. Before I ever wrote in it. I showed it to everyone I know and they just love it. They are planning on ordering one for themselves and their friends and family.


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