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Quirky Coconut Bowls

These Quirky Coconut Bowls Are Made From Old Coconut Shells! How Much More “Green” Can You Get?

Do you have friends that are moving into their first home or apartment and not sure what to get as a gift?  Well, instead of giving them the old standby, why not give them something as eccentric as they are?  That's where Go Bambu comes in!  They create these beautiful, unique coconut bowls out of old discarded coconut shells if you can believe that.  You can give that quirky friend her very own quirky coconut bowl that's as special as she is.  Not only are these bowls gorgeous, but they're sustainable, green, and made by hand!  Can you think of a better gift?  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Quirky Just Like You

These amazing bowls are eco-friendly and come in many different sizes, such as regular, jumbo, duos, family sets, etc.  Not to mention that they're easy as pie to clean!  What does that mean (haha)?  See, they're coated with organic coconut oil so nothing is going to stick to these babies.  Imagine if these coconut shells just went to waste.  That's why I absolutely love recycling and other ways to love our planet.  If we could all pitch in and do our part, the possibilities are endless as to what we could achieve!  Each bowl has its very own marks and scars, which makes them completely unique and of course, you'll find that no two are alike.  That's another reason I love this company.  They're very responsible when it comes to being all-natural.  Some companies like to pretend that they're green, but if you check into it, they're not.  That's not something you have to worry about with Go Bambu.

The Sturdiest Shells & Versatile

When you purchase your very own Go Bambu Coconut Bowls, you'll see how sturdy they really are.  Dropping them on the floor shouldn't be a problem because the shells are made to fall all the way out of the coconut tree!  Not only are they strong, but they're versatile.  You can use them for salads, ice cream, stir-fries, and whatever else your imagination can come up with.  Again, the possibilities are endless!

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