You probably made several resolutions at the start of 2017. If you’re a smoker, it is likely that you’ve tried to quit smoking. You might even tried to do it for several weeks only to relapse.

The biggest issue with quitting smoking is the fact that people lack consistency and proper plan.

Most smokers think that it is enough to tell yourself “Hey, I won’t smoke from tomorrow”. They might even succeed for several weeks.

But, the issue is much greater than you might think.

In order to efficiently quit smoking you shouldn’t just do one thing. You should do several things that will lead you to your goal.

Here are 7 new and pieces of advice that will lead you through the process.



  • Prepare yourself mentally


In most cases, smokers neglect the most important thing – preparing for a life without cigarettes. This might seem as a small thing but most individuals have been smoking for years and this vice have become a part of their persona. They cannot imagine a day that doesn’t start with a cigarette and a cup of coffee. So, in order to start your ordeal, you need to accept the fact that all these small rituals are no longer possible.



  • Create a long-term plan


Plans are very effective when it comes to getting rid of vices. If the addiction is really strong you may struggle to go without smokes from day to day. By programing your time, you can find some other cool activities that can fill your time and distract you from nicotine.



  • Remove everything that reminds you of cigarettes


There are a lot of items and products that can be associated with cigarettes. The most troublesome part of the process is the fact that you constantly remind yourself of smokes and how good they taste. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to remove all the items that may bring about those thoughts.



  • Reduce intake of food that reminds you of smokes


There are a lot of food and drinks that go well with cigarettes. For example, beer and coffee are the biggest perpetrators. No matter what your trigger is, make sure to reduce this food in your daily life and you will likely reduce the craving for cigarettes as well.



  • Finding a proper replacement


A good way to eliminate cigarettes, tobacco and nicotine is to find a proper replacement. Patches and gums may be the first thing that pops to your head but there is an even better modern solution. Electronic cigars that are filled with e-juice are a great alternative. They do not cause addiction like cigarettes do and they will definitely help you improve your health. At the same time, you will keep the same sensation which you had while smoking real cigarettes.



  • Spending more time in the open and with family


Like with every vice, it is all about distraction. One of the best distractions is spending a lot of time outside. Although in this case it is much easier to procure cigarettes, you are able to remove yourself from closed spaces. Just being able to breathe fresh air will make you happy of the fact that you’re not smoking. Another good way to eliminate cravings is to spend time with family in doing something fun or constructive. It is mandatory to stop thinking about nicotine and that is the best way to avoid relapsing.



  • Dedicate yourself to sports


Sports are amazing but they also require a lot from you. If you choose to start training, this will increase the necessary amount of air for your lungs. Your body will be strained if you continue smoking and sooner or later you will have to make a decision and quit one of two. However, if you’ve previously started with the withdrawal process, it is much more likely that you will quit cigarettes successfully.


Although these tips may seem as separate wholes, they actually work great together. Quitting cigarettes is a process that requires numerous small steps. Only when you do all of them do you stand a real chance of avoiding relapsing and living a healthy life.

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