We tend to lose some of our spoons and forks from time to time, I wanted to see if I could find some that were colored and easy for us to see so we can find them better, and I have found the perfect set.



End The Rainbow set, not only are they rainbow colors you won't lose them. They are actually pretty looking if that can be said about silverware. Ever wondered what magical treasure lies at the end of a rainbow? Well wonder no more because our fluffy unicorns have tracked each rainbow down and returned with ‘the end of the rainbow' collection!

Handpicked for you, this magical set includes:

2 x ‘Mad Hatter Tea Party' Teaspoon

2 x ‘Abra-Kadabra' Spoon

2 x ‘The Little Mermaid's Hairbrush' Fork

2 x ‘Excalibur' Knife

2 x ‘Wizard Wand' Chopsticks Set

2 x ‘Magical Straight Unicorn Horn' Straight Straw (1cm diameter)

2 x ‘Magical Bent Unicorn Horn' Bent Straw (1cm diameter)

1 x Straw Cleaner

1 x Rainbow Pouch

1 x therainbowco sticker

Simple appearance with no redundant annoying decoration, Unique design to fit any style kitchen tableware. Multipurpose use for home, kitchen, buffet, party, hotel, restaurant, bistro, camping, picnic, etc.

Our rainbow unicorns have searched the lands far & wide for the most magical cutlery and brought it home to therainbowco castle!
And now we’re sharing it with you! So your food experience is as magical as it should be.

Handmade with love. Crafted with care. We’re sprinkling a little bit of pure magic into each mouthful.


They come in all sizes if you need just a 6 piece they have that, we want to get some more so that we have a full set, there are 8 of us and we need enough for all of us, these are prettier in person.



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