Rainy-Day Essentials When You Visit Georgia

There aren't too many rainy days in Georgia but it's essential you pack accordingly on the off chance that it rains. Some things are best to take along for those just-in-case moments, while other things are best to take indefinitely. Here is a brief guide to help your packing efforts and give you peace of mind while on vacation!

Quick-Dry Gear

Invest in quality, quick-dry gear. Consider things like raincoats, ponchos, moisture-wicking base layers, and water-repelling pants and shoes. These items will allow you to skip on an umbrella and free up your hands. Another good rule of thumb is to buy darker, earth-toned colors. These options can help hide any sweat or water markings if they get wet.

The Umbrella Debate

Understandably, packing an umbrella is second nature. But if you fill enough other garb, you could skip this accessory and trust your quick-dry gear to do its job. Some say you must have an umbrella, and others say ditch it because you'll probably forget it anyway. Which you choose is up to you but consider ditching the umbrella to alleviate the burden of carrying it.

Effective Shoe Strategy

Unfortunately, sandals are not the best choice here. Unless your activity is all indoors, opt for something like a closed-toe boot or shoe to keep your feet dry and repel water. There are many things to do indoors during a rainy day in North Georgia, including a bunch of walking. Investing in quality footwear suitable for all weather conditions can help you eliminate nonsense from your suitcase and cover all your bases.

Be Mindful of Your Baggage

It's essential to think about your baggage, including how and what you pack. Consider taking additional bags with you to separate your wet and dry gear. Bonus points if you travel with waterproof sacks designed explicitly for damp garments.

The Recap

It is hit or miss in Georgia when it comes to rainy days. But there are opportunities to run into wet conditions, and you want to ensure you're ready. Considering a few of these essentials can assist you in preparation for a trip, and you'll feel better knowing paper documents are safe and that your feet are dry.

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