Vacations are important aspects of family bonding. It's an opportunity to get away from every noise and distraction and just focus on having fun with your family. Families must be deliberate about having a fun time together. It enhances bonding and dissolves tensions. In vacation environments, we are calm and very sensitive to the needs of one another. It shows commitment and thoughtfulness.


Worthwhile family vacations are not so easy to make happen. Sometimes, preparations could take years depending on the level and length of the gateway planned. Working parents plan family vacations around their annual leave or longer holidays. It might be much easier for self-employed couples as they can alter their schedule to suit them.


Several things including rain may want to interfere with the fun we are enjoying on vacation, we must be prepared to beat them all. On a rainy vacation day, there are a number of things we can do to keep the fun going. We can play board games as well as word games. In making this choice, the focus must be the enjoyment of the family as a whole.


Word games are very good options to embrace in the event of a rainy vacation day. 

Letter Game

There are two categories of this game. We have the letter game and in this game, letters are used and the participants guess letters one of the players have picked from several other letters. There is also the letter game in which the game starts with a category of words chosen by an appointed ‘giver'. Then the family takes turns in mentioning words in the same category. 


You can adjust the difficulty level as you wish – the subsequent person may be required to mention words in the same category and starts with the letter of the word mentioned by the person that goes before him or her. For example, if the category picked is animal and the person that goes first says dog, then goat would be a correct follow up with tiger as a correct sequel.


Scrabble is a wonderful word game that keeps you thinking and involved. A family of adults will have no problem working with a standard scrabble board. For a family including children, adaptations and improvisations should be made so that the children remain part of the game and the family remains a unit. But anyone would be in a pickle if they get a bunch of letters that are just too hard to play and this could be frustrating especially to kids. A great way to keep the words coming would be by using an online unscramble. It may come as a cheat for some, but it improves a user’s vocabulary nonetheless by giving them words from difficult tiles to play. 


An improvisation could be to pick a few letters out and keep them face down on the table. Everybody should get writing materials and when everyone is set, the letters should be revealed. Everyone will be required to make as many words as they can from the letters on the table within a set time, say two minutes.

Spelling bee

This game is particularly good for family vacations including children. They find it very exhilarating; they simply can't have enough of it. One member of the family will be the ‘Encyclopedia' turning out words to be spelled by others. This role can be rotated according to rounds. Try to keep words age-appropriate – easier words for children and more ones for adults as the case may be.

Crossword puzzle

Under this word game, clues are provided within grids and players are required to fill it out. Words often intersect at specific points. As a family game, copies should be made in accordance with the size of the family. Each member will be given a copy and all will be required to fill it out simultaneously within a set time. When the time lapses, the papers will be switched and each member accesses another member.


Rain doesn’t have to spoil the fun from your family vacation. If the rain won’t allow you have fun at the beach, for instance, you can have as much fun as you want in your hotel room by being a little creative, if word games are not your thing, there are so many other games you and your family can play together. Don’t forget that the true essence of a worthwhile family vacation is the bonding and not the destination.

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