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Reamir & Co Launching A New Line


2N1 Shampoo & Leave In Conditioner


This set of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner helps to cleanse and condition your hair. While leaving it soft and manageable. And they are a great choice for all hair types. Which helps to keep every type of hair soft and smooth without the need for a separate conditioner. I love the balance of essential oils and vitamins. Just one use and you can tell a difference in your hair. A perfect combination to keep your hair healthy and stylish.

Classic Pomade


Combs in easily while providing maximum styling. Just add to clean hair and style as you like. A slicked back, shiny look or a high gloss, wet look are so easily created with the pomade. Comb in with ease and create your classic slick back look. While helping to nourish and style with essential oil and nutrients needed for your hair.

Matte Clay


Providing long lasting definition for all hair types. A small dab in your palms and rub through dry hair. Offering medium hold for definition and washes out with water! Because it is water based it will easily wash out while offering flexible hold.

Fiber Wax


A perfect balance between cream and wax. While allowing the opportunity to create your perfect look. Because it is enriched with vitamins and natural oils that will help you and your hair feel it’s best! Spread a dab in your palms and spread through your dry hair. If your hair, like mine, is hard to control fiber wax will help to keep it all in line. You know where it suppose to be. Cowlick? Never fear because this fiber wax will tame those!

Beard Oil


Oh my this beard oil is a hair AND skin moisturizer! While adding shine and body to your beard. And stimulates your beard to grow in healthier. Because you use a small amount, spread on palms and work evenly into your beard. After a shower or first thing in the morning. Because you will immediately notice how soft your beard becomes.

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