If you keep a keen eye on your household bills you will notice if they are higher than normal. If you suddenly discover that your water bill has unexpectedly increased significantly this can be a cause for concern. If this type of increase happens for no apparent reason you should do some investigating.

We are going to take a look at a couple of the most common plumbing issues that can cause you to use more water than usual. This is turn can cause your water bills to increase. You should take a look to see if these issues apply to you. After you have investigated, if you still have not found the reason, you may want to speak to a plumber in Lane Cove who can give you the benefit of their expert opinion. Let’s take a look at what you can check before you do this.

Checking for leaking pipes or taps

It may surprise you just how much a leaking tap or pipe can affect the amount of water you use; just one leaking tap can use up as much as twenty gallons of water each day. You can see how important it is to make sure leaks are dealt with as soon as possible.

If you see that a tap is dripping in your home you should address the issue straight away, and not consider leaving it for another day. If you identify this as the problem that is causing you to use more water than usual, and you are not confident to deal with the problem, you can call a professional plumber to help.

Checking if the toilet is leaking

It’s not just a leaking tap or pipe that can cause your water usage to increase; a leaking toilet can too. If you think the toilet may be the source of the problem you should check to check to see if there is an issue with the flush ball valve. In order to investigate this, you will first need to remove the top from the toilet tank.

Once you have done this you should flush the toilet before allowing it to fill up again. Once the tank has re-filled you should place a few drops of dye in the water and leave the toilet for around twenty minutes. Once twenty minutes have elapsed you should return to the toilet and check if you can see any dye in the toilet bowl. If you can then you know there is a problem with the flush ball valve.

Once you have identified this as being the problem you can either try to resolve it yourself or enlist the services of a plumber to help.

These are two of the most common plumbing issues which can cause you to use more water than usual. It’s worth noting that there are other plumbing problems which can also cause this to happen. If your water bill increases unexpectedly it may well be worth speaking to a professional plumber and asking them to investigate.


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