Everything needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Carpets are tricky because you may not notice small debris due to the interlocking of the fibers. 


You may ignore cleaning them for weeks without realizing you’re exposing people in your home to danger. There are various reasons why you need to dust your rugs on a regular basis. Here’s why:

Prolong the Carpet’s Lifetime

Carpets are in constant exposure to dust, food crumbs, and hair. These things cause constant wear and tear that cause hidden damage to the mat. After some time, you may notice small pieces of it are falling on the floor. That may be devastating, especially if you don’t like changing carpets regularly. 


Cleaner Indoor Air

Entrapment of dust particles can change the aroma and cleanliness of the room. Some people are allergic to dust and can even have asthmatic attacks if the number of allergens increases above a certain level. To avoid altering the quality of air indoors, you need to clean it to steer clear from any air-borne infections. 


Removal of Microbes

Some particles cannot be seen by the naked eye. Bacteria and fungi thrive in dirty environments, and your uncleaned carpet has the optimal level of humidity for them to grow and reproduce. They don’t only cause horrible smells, but they lead to health issues. For instance, they can enter the nervous system and may reach the brain. 


Moreover, people may experience a hemorrhage in their digestive system and loss of appetite. That’s why reputable carpet cleaners in Manhattan NYC advice you to vacuum all covered floors weekly, at least. You should get a professional cleaning approximately every six months to remove the vicious microbes that you are unable to reach. 


Good Appearance

Any place looks well-groomed if the floor is neat and organized. Carpets stand out in the room either by their old worn-out look or their shiny glamour. 


Also, if you like to sit on the floor, A clean rug will have a nice, smooth feeling to it. They will have an attractive appearance if washed every now and then. Seattle Carpet Cleaning can help you to get your carpets cleaned and looking good. 


Eliminating Stains and Smells

Even the best of us spill drinks. If the stains aren’t removed immediately, the fibers absorb the color. It will be almost impossible to remove these stains with our regular means. You will need to send it to cleaners and pay a ton of money to get the stain removed. 


If you are raising a pet, it is highly likely for them to pee on the floor accidentally. If they don't use it as a litter box, they will lick it, which leaves a bad smell over time. Using scented detergents is a good option to make sure the scent doesn’t build up. 


Your carpets are a good investment that you want to keep for several years. It is not hard to make them last longer as carpet cleaning is a piece of cake if you do it regularly, without procrastination. The more you leave dirt, stains, and crumbs lying around, the harder it will be to get rid of them. 


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