20170724_181931Hey ya all it’s Bunky from “Jersey ” I am a city girl turned country know about 14 years.  I live up in Wantage , New Jersey which is actually considered Northwestern New Jersey.  I am a whiskey girl, I love country music,  and I love having parties lots of parties especially in the summer time. Ain’t nothing like having a big ole party on our 5 acres of property that we live on with a live band playing some good ole country music, great friends and family,  great food, and of course some great drink to go with all of this.

As I said before I am a whiskey girl, I usually walk around with a big ole liter bottle of Jack Daniels and indulge in it straight up from the bottle. But just recently, I have changed my taste from  Jack Daniels Whiskey to know Rebel Yell Bourbon Whiskey. I don’t know if anybody has had the pleasure of indulging their palate with some Rebel Yell Burbon Whiskey yet, if not you should surely partake and give a try.


Rebel  Yell is absolutely amazing, once you open the bottle the bold aroma starts making your taste buds water and go all kinds of crazy, oh, the taste is amazing it is so smooth going down from the first sip. The bold aroma of the honey, butter, raisins and ripe plums, its kinda semi sweet, with slight spiciness.  Rebel Yell is 40% Alc/vol and 80 Proof.  Rebel Yell bourbon whiskey is made with wheat as a secondary grain, instead of Rye, giving it a softer, smoother flavor to the whiskey. Rebel Yell goes back to 1849, which is when it was first made, at which time it would later become the Stitzel-Weller Distillery.  

Rebel Yell was officially registered in 1936 and exclusive batches came available for distribution in the Southern United States. This went on into 1980 when Stitzel-Weller Distillery, was no longer and Rebel Yell was taken over by Luxco Spirted Brands, . Now 150 years later Rebel Yell is available everywhere for everybody to enjoy. You can purchase Rebel Yell nationwide threw retailers and you can also purchase on-line directly from Caskers.com, which is directly linked in from Rebel Yells website which is www. Rebelyellbourbon.com, or go straight threw Caskers.  


Rebel Yell has won the Double Gold Award at the San Francisco Word of Spirits Competition and that Gold Award Emblem adorns the bottle. I know one thing it made this ole country girl switch from saying I am a” Whiskey Girl” to now saying I am a “Bourbon Whiskey Girl”, and I don’t see making any kind of switch any time soon. Like the Title Says  ” With Rebel Yell I Want More More More!  



Rebel Yell Boozy Bourbon Shake



2 oz Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

1 T caramel drizzle

Crumbled smoked bacon

Whipped cream

Peppered bacon



Blend Rebel Yell Bourbon, ice cream, caramel drizzle and crumbled bacon. Garnish with whipped cream, more caramel drizzle, and a slice of peppered bacon.


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