Being one of those people who have such a hard time falling asleep, I have taken so many different over the counter sleeping aids. Just so I could get a good nights rest especially after my moms passing, because I would have the same dream over and over again. Then being placed on prescription sleeping pills and getting addicted to them, because if I didn't have them I couldn't sleep

So when reBloom asked me to take part in their review I was so excited too, something that's all natural and wouldn't cause me to be addicted to it.

reBloom’s founder originally developed reBloom for his wife, whose sleeping issues had her concerned that she would either have to take sleep aids the rest of her life or suffer the profound consequences of simply not getting enough sleep.

Realizing that traditional sleep aids all came with a monumental catch – they contained drugs that caused morning grogginess (among other side effects) – he felt there had to be a better way. After searching in vain for a solution that would help his wife sleep, but naturally and safely without side effects, he decided he would create one for her himself

With reBloom you do not awake feeling all kinds of groggy and out of sorts, you will wake up feeling well rested and fresh. The first time I took it the taste wasnt that great but I took the whole bottle and I was out with in 15 minutes. And when I awoke in the morning I felt great , like I slept for hours.

The secret behind reBloom is our proprietary combination
of natural ingredients that work with your body to help you
fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up more refreshed.

reBloom is only 5 calories and 2.5 oz and contains:

NO drugs
NO preservatives
NO artificial additives

I'm very happy with this product and would love to get some more, for those nights when I feel like I can't sleep. This worked great for me and I would recommend it to people.

You can learn more about the ingredients here,

To learn more about reBloom, or to place an order, visit You can also connect with them on Facebook ( and on Twitter (


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