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Recaro recently had given me the chance to review their travel system. The travel system includes the car seat, car seat base and stroller. I have had a couple different brands of car seats and travel systems. You can definitely see what differences there is in quality.
First the car seat. I had chosen the Scarlett. The colors are very nice. The car seat is well made. Very sturdy and very cozy. A very comfortable ride for your precious bundle of joy. The seat belts are easy to loosen and tighten. Easy to here the click when attached.  The car seat is very easy to install in car. Fits very nice in my trailblazer. I can not tell you enough how well made and comfortable this car seat is. Just keep your baby snugg. The RECARO Performance Coupe Infant Seat illustrates performance in every detail. It assures me as a parents that my  child will be protected with safety features such as full body side impact protection, strap twist-preventing safety-stripes and HERO harness technology. The infant pillow kept my baby snug and is easy to remove once she outgrows it. The easy to read bubble level indicator and exclusive dual-adjust knob and flip foot to help you install the car seat base properly, and easily. It also features an easy-off cover that quickly removes and reattaches, without the need for harness to be put back in. I have had car seats that are next to impossible to be put back together. Recaro has made this very simple and easy for us parents.this is great for when the baby has gone to the bathroom and it leaks through the diaper and gets on the seat. They have made the seat cover quick and easy to get on and off for those unexpected clean ups. The 5-point harness adjusts easily with a one-handed pull and features 5 height and 2 buckle positions to help adjust not only with growth but those days when you have that bulky snow suit on your child.
The RECARO Performance Coupe Infant Seat has a lot of great  features. The temperature balancing fabrics  ensure a fuss-free ride while cloud comfort memory foam contours to your baby’s delicate shape. The  extra-large, multi-position canopy protects against harsh lighting and weather elements to protect your baby. The canopy is very sturdy. I have had canopies which don't stay closed. I like the canopy because, it keep strangers from touching the baby. That lady that's coughing and go and touches the baby. You know what I am talking about. Cloud comfort memory foam comforts and contours to your baby.
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The Recaro car seat features luxurious, temperature balancing fabrics to enhance comfort for your little one. It also has racing inspire side impact protection to keep our little one safe in an accident. The car seat is tested to not just state standards but international. There are two twist resistant harnesses that not only provide comfort and ensure the proper position but, to help us from getting frustrated when the strap twists  and we have to take the baby out and the whole car seat apart to fix it.the one handed, easy to adjust harness has 5 positions and two buckle positions which is very easy to loosen and tighten. Has an Easy off cover for a quick clean for your very busy schedule. Also has a removable infant pillow keeps your baby snug. The  at seat is one handed release which is compatible with RECARO Performance Denali stroller. The car seat holds from 4-35 pounds and less then 32 inches.

The performance Denali stroller is very sturdy. Easy to put together. Easy to install wheels. One handed to open and close stroller. Easy to install car seat for baby. And easy to use without car seat. The stroller moves easy as you walk. The RECARO Performance Denali Stroller exemplifies performance in every detail. The Performance Denali is designed to fit your active lifestyle. Its built-in accessories and intuitive features deliver the comfort and style you have come to expect from RECARO. The stylish, chrome frame and woven luxe fabrics in luminous color options, harmonize to create a chic look.

The Performance Denali is as comfortable for you as it is for your child. RECARO pays attention to the details, enabling us to craft the best performance inspired comfort features in our class. The breathable yet protective fabric on the extra-large, multi-position canopy offers UV SPF 50+ and a water repellant coating to shade your little one from the sun and rain. The temperature balancing, woven luxe fabric on the seat is comfortable and soft on your child’s skin. The parent peekaboo mesh window on the canopy provides ventilation while giving you a convenient view so you can see your baby with ease. Have you had that stroller where you have to walk to the side and move the canopy just to see if they are ok. This canopy gives you the ease of seeing your baby while keeping them protected.The over-sized storage basket is one of the largest on the market, allowing for easy access even when the seat back is fully reclined so that when you g to the store you can fit a lot more stuff in it. It's hard when you go to the store. You can't ouch the stroller and a carriage at the same time. They included a cup holder that  can be secured on either side of the push handle and features an elastic mesh pocket for extra storage. The 2-in-1 removable child’s tray doubles as an infant seat adapter for the RECARO Performance Coupe.

A pedicure friendly, double push brake is quick to engage and prevents shoe scuffs and is very easy to use. The easy to fasten wheels have a locked setting to prohibit swiveling and also feature a front and back wheel suspension system for easily traversing any terrain. The Stroller also features a quick, multi-position recline seat that allows a custom fit for your child for those times when your baby falls asleep sitting up. This stroller makes it very easy to recline without waking them up.. The seat back parent storage pocket adds additional space to store keys, phone or other small items that need to be easily accessible.The stroller has one-handed fold has a locking feature that ensures it is secure when engaged and also while standing on its own when folded.
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The RECARO Performance Denali Stroller was designed to accommodate the RECARO Performance Coupe Infant Seat. It is travel system ready with QuickSnap, built-in adapters that required no assembly or extra parts. The adapter for the Performance Coupe is built in to the child’s tray on the Performance Denali. The 2-in-1 child’s tray connects easily to the stroller and simply flips down to be used as an adapter, adding convenience when you’re on the go. The child’s tray, infant seat adapters and the parent cup holder are all included with the Performance Denali.
The stroller has woven  luxe fabrics offer temperature balancing comfort for your baby. The extra large, multi-position canopy with UV SPF 50+ protection and a water repellent coating.
Mesh parent peekaboo window offers visibility and ventilation. Has oversized easy access storage basket for the diaper bag or when you go shopping.has an easy to use pedicure friendly, flip flop friendly double push brake. The wheels have a lock setting to prevent them from swiveling. Front and back suspension for a smooth ride for your child. So when walking they don't feel every bump. Quick and easy to position seat easy to recline for baby to sleep.there is a back storage pocket for phone or other items. Very easy to fold up for storage or pack into the car with a nice locking mechanism to help keep closed. The harness has 3 positions and is a 5 point safety harness with strap pads which makes it more comfortable for the baby. Has an over sized harness release button to make it quick and easy for us. The stroller holds up to 22 pounds.
This Recaro  travel system is quality. I have had other travel systems  and they do not compare to this one. I am very happy with the time they have taken to make thee products. The company not only cares about safety but also comfort. I would definitely recommend this product. Comes in different colors. This not only is made great for safety but your baby also is comfortable. Not only did they make it with safety and comfort they also made it easy to use for us parents. You can  buy as a set or you can buy the car east or stroller separate. They are easy to use to get her. It is so quick and easy for you to put the baby from the car seat attach it to the stroller and to. Then when the baby is big enough he or she can sit in the stroller. The stroller grows with your baby. For more information click here.


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