I'm not a breakfast person. Never have been. But, every once in awhile, (usually at about 3:00 A.M.), I get a wicked craving for foods that made the first meal of the day, famous.

Since I'm new here at Things That Make People Go Aww, you may not know I'm a night owl. This might have something to do with my lack of interest in eating early in the morning. It was the hardest habit to break when I was dieting, too, because I'm just not hungry at the start of my day (which, is usually when most people are ending theirs). It was also very difficult during s recent hospital stay, when my breakfast order of black coffee, was not enough to satisfy my nurses, who would take the liberty of filling in random items on my menu, which usually went in the trash (talk about a horrible waste of food).
Breakfast for dinner, you say?
Eh. It's overrated.
When I'm in the mood for breakfast, I want the whole experience, whether it be at a greasy spoon diner, smelling the coffee brewing and hearing the sounds of clanging, banging and groggy voices starting their day, or at home, making something special for my husband, watching the sunrise and maybe enjoying a bit of breakfast boozing (Mimosas…Bloody Marys…breakfast wine…don't judge! We keep it classy!)
Sunday's are always my favorite day to breakfast or brunch. Something about the smell of breakfast being prepared on a Sunday morning, reading the Sunday comics and relaxing, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, appeals to my nostalgic, romantic side.
Since it's Sunday, and I'm not currently in a dive diner or preparing a breakfast feast, I thought I'd live vicariously through some of these completely awesome ideas for a bad-ass breakfast (or brunch) – even dinner…if that's how you roll.

Don't miss out on these recipes here, or the rest of this article, at Beauty Brite!

What's your favorite breakfast items? Are you a dessert wine and cinnamon roll or Bloody Mary person, like my husband and I? Or do you prefer a traditional bacon and eggs or Denny's skillet person? Do you have any awesome breakfast recipes you'd like to share with the rest of us starvin' Marvins!? Maybe your granny's real, southern biscuits and gravy? Or, your favorite pancakes that get the kiddos out of bed on a Sunday morning? Let us know in the comments!
Are there any of these recipes or techniques (like those bacon roses – they're easier to make than you might think!) that you're dying to try? Let us know what you think!

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