If You Recognize These Behaviors You Might Just Be Crazy About Your Pet

  1. You either love ’em or… actually, most of us just love ’em!


They come into our lives, bundles of fur or prickles or even scales, and change everything. It doesn’t take long for us to wonder how we ever lived without them, they enrich our lives to such a degree.


When you own a pet, it can be tempting to go off the deep end with how much you love them. We’ve all seen the photos of cats dressed up in outfits they clearly hate, or people using their cell phones to talk to their dog when away on business. Maybe you think you’re immune to it – or perhaps you too have joined the ranks of the crazy pet lovers, and you didn’t even know it!


Signs of being head over heels for your pet include…


  1. Talking to them as if they’re human.


It doesn’t have to be that you sit down and have a full true confessional with them, but anything beyond commands and “good boys” is a sign of true love. You ask about their day – they can’t answer, which you know, but you do it anyway. You tell them about yours. You have even developed a knack for reading their expressions as a response.


  1. You know their preferences. Image

“Don’t let Timmy out now!” You find yourself saying. “It’s raining, Timmy hates it when it’s raining,” you continue, welcoming your pampered pooch back into your arms.


When you could compile a detailed list of things your pet does and doesn’t like, then you may just have joined the ranks of the pet obsessives.


  1. You think of the daftest questions imaginable.


One day, bored at work, you think of your ever-growing menagerie and how you might add to it. You find yourself using company time to Google: “can you have a pet fox?” or “taming chimpanzees – hard?”


The reason is simple: you love your current pet so much and know the benefits they have brought to your life, so you want to expand it. If you have the time and resources, of course, there is no harm in going ahead and doing so.


  1. You will let them hurt you for your own good. Image


Tammy, the cat, needs to take her worming medication. There is a blissful spot-on treatment for one type of worms, but you want to cover all the basics.


Tammy is going to have to take a pill.


Tammy is not going to like taking a pill.


Yet you know it’s for her own good. So you let her scratch you, clawing in an attempt to get away from the tablet she seems convinced is poisonous, and you keep doing it. It’s madness really – but you do it every three months, without fail, because it’s what Tammy needs.


  1. You read this.


Let’s face it – you already knew the answer as soon as you opened this! So embrace it, be a crazy cat, dog, lizard or whatever takes your fancy, person. Pets are awesome and cute – who wouldn’t want to love them almost beyond reason?


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