Recoil automatic cord winder kit. Tangled phone cords a problem. Well not no more with recoil winders they automatically wind your cord up so there is no mess or not tangled. We all can relate to the tangle cord frustration when we get confronted by a tangle in our cords. I know I get tangles a lot. These spring loads and totally automatic , recoil automatic cord winders is the first of its kind for cord clean up product for homes and offices. You no longer have to deal with the headache of tangled wires. Your wires will be wound up in the recoil.

They are tiny and pocket sized. They are super versatile but, small enough to fit in your pocket.designe door larger cords they have the large recoil winders, these are a great product to help with those unwanted tangles in our cords. This is an efficient way to get your cords in order. For more information click here.


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