Recycled Bottles To Backpack

A Quality, Canvas Backpack Made From Old, Recycled Plastic Bottles

Here we are in the year 2020 and thankfully, we're getting better at recycling.  The process of taking the old and making it brand new has been around for quite a while, unfortunately, it has taken us a little longer than it should've.  We have the technology to do so much good in this world, so we have no excuses!  Imagine taking old plastic bottles to create a quality, canvas backpack that will last.  Well, Day Owl has done just that.  As a matter of fact, they sent me the Day Owl Charcoal Black Backpack and it's gorgeous.  As I look at this I still can't believe it was made from recycled plastic bottles.  This is certainly the “cream of the crop” of backpacks for me!

Recycled Bottles To Backpack

Recycled Backpack With Neoprene

Not only does this beautiful backpack hold your papers, notebook, laptop, and writing accessories, but it can also hold an entire bottle of wine!  See, there's a side pocket that is lined with neoprene (making it water repellant).  Instead of just packing for a class, you can pack a sweet picnic while surprising your guest with wine.  Since the Chimney pocket is leak-proof, it will also hold gym clothes or even an umbrella!  Day Owl backpacks have so many pockets you'll run out of things to put in them.  They even come in a smaller size or larger size.  The smaller will fit a 14-inch laptop while the larger one fits a 15-inch laptop.  Every pocket is lined with such soft fabric you can even keep your sunglasses in without the worry of scratching them.  The laptop pocket is lined to cushion it and keep it safe.

Recycled Bottles To Backpack

Free Repairs For Life!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Day Owl stands behind their products which means if your backpack gets a “boo-boo” from anything, they'll repair it for free.  What company does this?  Thankfully, they do!  I absolutely love my backpack and I know if you get yourself one, you'll love it too.

Recycled Bottles To Backpack

Please click on the links provided if you'd like your very own Day Owl Backpack.

Recycled Bottles To Backpack

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