Valentines Day Gift Guide 2018

Red Rose Tea’s Are Delicious

I Love Tea

I am a strong tea drinker In fact, I drink tea every morning and every evening. I always look for taste and quality when I select which teas I want to drink. I also look for variety. The Red Rose is a company that has been around for over a hundred years. They create quality blended tea that is consistent every time you have a cup, which is the type of quality that people want.

Zero Calorie Teas

Red Rose teas are so unique! They made a line of the most delicious Zero Calorie Sweet Tea Temptations. The Blueberry Muffin tea is not only rich but its also very comforting. It has the essence of blueberry and a pinch of crumb cake flavor. My favorite is the Caramel Apple Pie tea. It has hints of crisp delicious apples mixed with a richness of caramel. If you like a more tarty flavor, Red Rose has that too. They have the Lemon Cake tea, which has a flavor of scrumptious lemon cake and taste of lemon zest in an herbal tea infusion. Lastly, there is the Strawberry Cheesecake tea. It is a flavor of juicy strawberry blended with the creaminess of cheesecake. I can not believe all these teas are zero calories! You can definitely indulge guilt-free!


Among their various tea collections, they also have tea ware. The Red Rose Heart Tea Mug is white on the inside part of the cup to accentuate the rich color of their tea. The outside part of the cup is solid red and is decorated with the promise Red Rose Tea makes of the passion that goes into every cup. It’s simple, but it’s a cute mug. At just the right size of eleven ounces, I love how it fits in my hands while I drink tea. It is also microwave safe, but you have to hand wash only. This mug and the teas are a delightful gift you can give to someone on Valentine’s Day! Since I have gotten my mug I use it daily and I savor the flavor of those guilt free teas!

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