We have some younger nephews who are into all kinds of games and trucks and cars, I saw Redneck Roadkill and thought this is the perfect game for them to play together.

The 1955 ½ Raging Bull pickup truck game is nuttier than a port-a-potty at a peanut festival and will keep kids, parents, grandparents and 3rd cousins hootin’ it up for hours.

The Raging Bull (or ‘Bull' as known by shade tree mechanics) is beat-up, weathered with dings and dents and hilarious bumper stickers. Then it’s game time and with beefy off-road tires and working suspension go after them 3 break-apart foam varmints. smash’em, miss’em, use a timer, count to ten it’s your country, your right, your game! (5 roadkill games come with instructions).

When the varmints are lickin’ their wounds, give’em a break and put ‘Bull' through some drag racing or cruisin’ the neighborhood. The double-nipple remote control toggle design sports enough fitness to tickle tight turns and smoke the straight-a-ways. A great gift for hubby, dad and grandpa too.

Great build quality, super fun product idea, we have been having hours of fun and there have been no issues with this at all. Both the boys enjoy this and have played with just the truck alone. There is something oddly satisfying about seeing the critters burst into pieces. This truck is is both fun and hilarious in every aspect.

The 1955 ½ raging bull pickup truck is part of the Redneck Roadkill game collection. Players race straight up against the clock or flatten break-apart foam varmints or can also play the pet-friendly version avoiding the varmints altogether. Raging bull Includes:

-(1) collectible battery operated (2AA + 4AAA) 1/24th scale vintage pickup truck design Made of high quality ABS plastic. Authentic weathered looks include rusted fenders, hand-weathered body paint (NO two trucks are identical in finish), license plates, window banners, beefy off-road tires and working suspension.

-(1) toggle Style full-function remote controller (forward-reverse-left-right). operates on 27 MHz frequency with a range of 50’ + on hard surfaces.

– (10) life-style hilarious removable bumper stickers and truck Ding decals…customize your rig.

– (3) 2.75” tall break-apart durable foam varmints (Squirrel, Skunk, and armadillo) for safe and long-lasting play. Easy to reassemble for endless play.

– (1) instructions booklet including 5 different roadkill games…just to get you started…then you can make up your own.


Perfect for any holiday get together and have some laughs


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