Gift your artist Reeves Coloring Products

Gift your artist Reeves coloring products like posters, postcards and color pencils this Holiday Season! Let their creativity flow!

Reeves is my favorite company to get coloured pencils. I just found out that they offer other products like Reeves Colouring In Postcards and Reeves Colouring In Posters. I am happy to tell you about it here on Things that make People go Aww.

Reeves for Christmas? YES!

My youngest daughter asked for Art supplies for Christmas. I know how much she loves to draw and color. Being I have never been good at lying, I will not lie to you. I went crazy with Harry Potter stuff for her and didn't really get too much art supplies. Thank goodness for Reeves allowing me to review a few of their items!

Reeves Colouring In Postcards:

When I first looked at this product. I thought it was just cute postcard size artworks to color in. WRONG!!! They are postcards! How cool huh. Now my daughter can color postcards and send them to loved ones like her Grandparents in California.  This item comes with 20 postcards that can be colored and 6 Reeves small colour pencils! There is a pencil pouch attached to the front of the cover that allows her to keep the pencils and p[ostcards in one. They are easy to rip out and no worry about them ripping.

This is ideal for any child that loves to color and lives away from family! Plus it allows them to write a small I Love You to their loved one!

Reeves Colouring In Posters:

Let me just say, this poster is HUGE! I had to place it on my bed to get a good picture of it. The measurements is 33″ x 44″ in laymen terms that is two feet nine inches by three feet eight inches wide. The name of the artwork is Big Wild World. It is a flat image of the Earth and has the different animal across our big beautiful world!

This set comes with Reeves Coloured Pencils. There is 12 in the set. The box contains the folded up artwork and there are two pockets that hold the pencils in place. This allows whoever you gift this to, to fold their artwork up and store it all in one place. Also, it helps protect all of it from little hands or animals getting it.

If you have an artist in your life, I suggest you check out Reeves and all the items they have to offer!

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