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Regular single serve coffee maker or Keurig – how to select

Single serve coffee makers are mostly used in homes. This special type of coffee maker is based on the method of preparing enough coffee for a single portion at a run.  The use of these brewers may cost you extra as you need to buy readymade capsules. Buying capsules in bulk may help you to enjoy a little less costly cup of coffee in your favorite flavor.

You cannot store an excessive amount of this coffee capsules; else you will be deprived of enjoying fresh coffee. Despite the costly fall, there is a variety of reasons for the single serve coffee maker among the homes, some of which described as follows:

  • Less time consumption in preparing a cup
  • No headache of accurate measures
  • Simple and user-friendly operations
  • Flavoring and addition become easy that gives a platform where people prefer delicious flavors of coffee.
  • Easy to store and maintain the unused contents such as coffee capsules and paper pods.



The above-mentioned features have made these single serve coffee makers a good preference of the customers for the household use. When we compare Keurig brewers that serve a single portion with other coffee machines, there we will find that the convenience by single-serve Keurig brewers has no comparison. But these coffee makers are not suitable for commercial use.

The maximum percentage of people likes coffee, but they don’t have an idea of the selection of perfect Keurig for their use. There are a few points that if we do not recommend before buying then we can lose the satisfaction of taste, expenses, user-friendliness, and more. You don’t buy a coffee maker for the short time duration. You want to enjoy its services for a longer time period and also the benefits and taste as per your preference. Below are some very important tips to guide you on the best selection of a regular single serve coffee maker of Keurig:

  • Types and features of brewer: If you are a coffee lover with a particular choice in taste such as cappuccino or lattes, then you can buy the coffee machines with a special type. Espresso can be a good fitment in this condition. But think when your partner has a taste difference or some other members in the family want to enjoy their favorable taste. If the espresso is not a good fitment for all members at home, you need to move to a balanced solution. You can you afford to buy separate single serve coffee makers for all member who prefers their separate style cup of tea or coffee? This is not a good idea to expense extra and also to create a mess in your home with several machines when a single machine can perform multiple tasks and can easily fulfil the maximum taste requirement of coffee. In such a case, you can buy the regular single-serve brewer with a variety of options, such as regular gourmet coffee, creamy lattes, and tea. There is a variety of coffee machines available in the market that offers manual touch and fully automation both as per the preference of the customers.


  • Research on the model and its operating costs: Single serve coffee makers are not limited to a particular model. But the thing you must notice is that a particular model is limited to a particular taste or style of tea of coffee. First of all, do research if the model you are style has the ability to serve your favorite flavor or not. After that, you must inquire about the most completive prices, and then your priority should be the availability of capsules, POD and more in your area of the particular style that the model of the brewer allows. Because buying a single serve brewer is already a costly decision, and if you buy a particular brewer style of which capsules are not easily available in your near buy area then delivery charges will again add in your brewer cost. If you don’t want to make your single serve coffee maker more expensive then you must be careful on these topics.
  • The flexibility of capacity:  Different people have different choice for tea and coffee.  This difference is not only about the taste this is also connected to the quantity. Few people prefer to drink coffee in 4 to 5 oz quantity, where some like 10 to 12 oz. If your regular single serve brewer has the capacity to serve multiple cup sizes then it is a perfect brewer for your home. Else some member will have to adjust with smaller cups, where on another hand your wastage will ruin your budget.
  • User friendliness: When we compare Keurig brewers, single serve brewers are more user-friendly than other machines. Purchase of capsules and POD can make you do some extra efforts but you can buy them in bulk to avoid your efforts and extra cost on per cup coffee serves. Still, you need to check a few things to enjoy your coffee in a more convenient way, for example; Easy removal of the water reservoir, scale removal, and maintenance requirements. 


Above mentioned tips will surely guide you on selecting the best regular coffee maker for your place. There are some more common but very important points that you cannot ignore which are:

  • Easy features along with smooth functions for fewer mistakes and difficulties
  • Prefer the perfect size, design, and color for the best fitment in your kitchen, so that your coffee preparation will become more handy and enjoyable
  • Noise-free coffee making capacity selection will save your place from unnecessary disturbance
  • Select the coffee machine with appropriate power consumption to save it and other appliances from a big loss
  • Temperature and speed of your coffee machine plays a great role to make a perfect cup in a very low time
  • Energy efficiency is the main feature that we must look in each and every electronic device. An energy efficient coffee maker can help in reduced electricity bills. Please check the star rating to be assured of the energy efficiency of your Keurig.

These were some more points that look small but play a very important role to serve you a safe, fast and cost-effective coffee single serve for a longer duration. Your coffee is not only a drink, but it is also, your close mate that inspires, boosts, refreshes and makes your ready to deal with you whole day challenge. So your right to deserve a happy coffee cup with no headaches. Cost management with some little smartness during purchase will add big satisfaction to your mind that will also improve the taste of your regular coffee. After using these tips please suggest others also so that they will also be able to have a perfect regular single serve coffee maker at their place.