Every woman wants nothing more than slipping in a bath and forgetting her day,  stressed out and not feeling good, I love to go and soak in a nice hot tub. Having been spoiled and able to take a hot bath, I love to put my calgon in and say please take me away.


One of the great things about Calgon is that they make a wide variety of products in fabulous smelling scents! There is definitely something for everyone on your gift-giving list! If you love floral scents…they have them!  For me the beautiful scents make me feel all pretty.The 4 piece set in different fragrances. They come with a little bottle of body mist, as well as body wash and bath beads, and a little nylon scrubbie.

For over 60 years, Calgon has been catering to our bath and body needs.  What started as a water softener in 1933 has now expanded to an incredible line of products!Calgon Take Me Away Bath Sets include bath beads, body wash, body mist and a color coordinated loofah sponge!!  They are available in Tahitian Orchid, Hawaiian Ginger, Parisian Charm, Lavender Vanilla, Spring Cherry Blossom and Morning Glory,


Everyone of these scents smell so good, I love the lavender vanilla smells so good, these are small enough to take on vacation fits perfect in your suitcase. Calgon is not only super nice to soak in, but it is also pretty good at keeping your skin ultra moisturized and soft feeling too. When we go away I love to soak and relax with a book and just relax. 


And then I love the Body Fantasies, these are great fragrances that help any lady get going in the morning, they provide a refreshing pick me up during the day. And can revive her much softer side for a night on the town. Body fantasies come in some very pretty scents, feminine, flirty, and that hint of sexy,  These sets will give you three different scents. These  definitely make me feel sexy and feminine. It's very subtle but enough scent for others to notice without it being overwhelming. My husband loves to spray it in the air, he says it smells so good.

They would be perfect for someone on the go because of the smaller bottles. The quality of these fragrances is uplifting and just an amazing adventure for anyone into the world of Body Fantasies.


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