We all have our own ways to relax from daily life. Some of us like to exercise, while others may like to have a glass of wine. Personally, I enjoy all of these things. Whatever you choose to do, it is important to make time to relax and unwind. In the past year, I’ve discovered another way to clear the mind by burning incense sticks.

Incense sticks offer a great way to boost the mind, body and spirit, clear negative energy from your space and keep your home smelling fresh. There are many benefits to burning incense sticks.

They are infused with essential oils and herbs, both of which have a powerful effect on the mind. Simply inhaling them will reduce stress and anxiety. You can feel the effects immediately leaving you floating on a cloud of pure bliss.

Are you looking to enhance mental focus? Try lighting up some incense sticks and allow them to  soothe and ground you. The blend of essential oils, herbs, flowers, barks, nuts and spices can help you sleep, too. Try it 15-30 minutes before bedtime so your room is filled with the calming aroma by the time you're ready for bed. Always make sure the incense is burned out and any embers are extinguished before sleeping.

High-quality Reverse Karma incense sticks are available in amazing scents such as Love, See, Do, Accept, Speak, Feel and Be. I love purifying the air with these incense as essential oils and herbs contain antibacterial properties.

Using incense will undoubtedly change your life, but you should always practice safety when burning them. Be sure to light them in well ventilated areas, keep them away from flammable items and never leave them unattended by kids or pets.


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