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Relaxing CBD Products

Relaxing With CBD Products – These Oils, Bath Salts (Soaks), And Salves Will Help With Every Muscle Ache You Have

With this crazy election and more about the pandemic, my body is aching to relax!  So is my mind, but that’s another story entirely.  What is a person to do when they want to just let go, but your body won’t let you?  My poor shoulders carry all of my stress, no matter how hard I try.  Well, I have some relaxing stuff for you all today!  The Healing Rose sent me a package of goodies to try and I’m so pleasantly surprised.  I’ve tried so many different types of CBD, but the products are only as good as the ingredients (& potency of the CBD).  If you don’t know what CBD is by now, well, in short, it stands for Cannabidiol.  That is the main ingredient in these products and they help with all types of ailments.  They come from the marijuana plant and no, it will not get you high.  That’s a very short explanation.

The Salve Sampler Packet – Relaxing At Its Finest

The Salve Sampler Packet is a small package of 4 different CBD strengths.  They are to be used on sore muscles all over the body.  My favorite thing about them?  They smell amazing!  No longer do you have to smell like an old lady when you use these.  The Healing Rose only uses the best ingredients in their salve, including things like shea nut butter, mango butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and other wonderful, yummy things.  This sampler packet comes with Orange Lavender with Chamomile (35mg CBD), Raw Coconut Sensitive Formula (35mg CBD), Peppermint Spice with Ginger (70mg CBD), and Lemon Ginger with Menthol (135mg CBD).  My favorite would have to be the peppermint one.  I just used it on my knees and I can tell you it works, and fast!

Another reason I use these salves is that when I’m done typing/blogging, my hands and fingers ache, probably from getting older.  These help me so much!  I hope you get some relief from them too.

Relaxing CBD Products

CBD Bath Soak

The Goddess Revival CBD Bath Soak (200mg CBD) is the most relaxing bath I’ve ever taken!  No kidding at all.  I have never felt so ready to get out, dry out, and pour myself into my bed.  I was asleep within minutes, which I usually have a problem with.  The scent is absolutely delicious.  Not only can you bathe in it, but if your poor hands and feet hurt, you can use it as a soak for them too.  It contains all kinds of good stuff like pink Himalayan salt, Non-GMO Vitamin E oil, organic geranium oil, and 5 other equally great ingredients.

CBD Broad Spectrum Oil

Their CBD Broad Spectrum Oil (1200mg CBD) 30ml. works wonders on my anxiety.  I have been so anxious about the state of our world right now, as I’m sure many of you have been too.  I don’t like to take medications for panic attacks, so I opt for something natural.  As I’ve said earlier, I’ve tried many types of oils, but this seems like it lasts longer and works better.  I would much rather feel relaxed than anxious any day!  I’m loving all of the great products they sent to me, however, that isn’t even all of it.  I also received their Peppermint Rosemary and  Coffee Bean Lip Balm.  They make your lips soft and kissable for sure!  Oh, and did I mention, they smell amazing?

Relaxing CBD Products

The holidays are coming people!  The Healing Rose has so many items you could purchase for your loved ones.  Please click on the links I’ve provided if you’re interested and have a wonderful holiday.

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