My sister swore by Buick.  She had one Buick after another and that was pretty much the only car she would even entertain to look at.  She used to say they were built better than other flimsy cars and were great in the winter, and were just all round reliable cars.  Now truth be told I never had a Buick so I am just taking her word for it, but Buick after Buick she never had one complaint and only could speak very highly of them.

I myself always tried to buy American cars for the most part.  I would gravitate towards Chevy.  So one of my cars was a Chevy and I proudly drove it and then a family member got a new car.  Well I will be darned it was exactly the same as mine.  I am talking exactly.  Looked the same, same insides, same buttons, but it was not a Chevy.  It was a GMC.  Guess what was NOT the same?  The price they paid for it.  It was much lower than mine.  And it was for all intents and purposes the same exact car, minus the make and model.  That was literally the only thing different (and the price of course).  I used to say the GMC was the generic version of my car but I was just mad truth be told that I paid so much more for the same exact car.

King Buick GMC has a whole selection of Buicks and GMCs that will fit any budget.  They are open late so you can easily visit after work, and they are even open on Sundays which I know in my area no car dealership is open on Sundays so lucky for me Long Island City is only about 40 minutes away so Sundays are an option.  They are top rated too so you can trust that you will get great service and a great deal.  Plus the cars are reliable.  You can buy any car in the world but if you are endlessly getting recall notices and having problems with them or they just are not built that great (I like to refer to certain cars as “tin cans” because you lean up against them and they dent), you are pretty much getting a headache with your car instead of just being able to trust that your car will be built to last and hold up.

If you are also like me and prefer to buy an American car (just a personal preference, nothing against other cars) then look no further at King Buick GMC the different options you have with New, used, pre-owned, you name it.  They even have conversion vans and commercial vans and trucks available.  Check it out for yourself and see what great ratings they have and the selections offered.

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