Renovating? Here Is the Perfect Guide to Choosing the Best Tiles


When renovating, you may end up going through all the rooms in your house. When changing the paintings of the walls, you may be tempted to change the flooring as well. Choosing flooring can be quite difficult. There are so many options to pick from. Tiled floors are among the options you have. There are so many benefits of tiles, including water resistance and durability. It could be the perfect material for your entryway, bathrooms, toilets and even kitchens. When choosing tiles, there are many factors that you should consider but most importantly:

  1. Design

There are very many designs of tiles in the market. It all depends on your preference. They come in different shapes and patterns to match the décor of the room you want them in. A blog by builddirect.com suggests using stone patterned tiles for a subtle look as it can match many decors types. They advise that you ensure that the aforementioned pattern will not clash with the style of the house. You need to match your tiles to your wall. Even if you won’t choose the same color scheme, choose colors that agree with one another. Don’t choose clashing colors as this will spoil the room décor.

  1. Size

The size of tiles you choose should depend on how big the room is. The size of the tiles also affects how big the room looks afterward. You need to be wise and keep the size of the room in mind. If you are not sure, you can seek the help of a designer. Generally, small tiles make the space look bigger and sometimes make a room feel more intimate. They should be used in rooms that have a simple design. Larger tiles make the room seem smaller but take less time to install. Weigh your options well.

  1. Price

When doing tiled flooring, you need to consider the amount of money it will cost. It is generally cheaper than other types of flooring. All the same, you need to check if your budget allows it. The prices of the tiles differ depending on the design and the size. Before going shopping, ensure that you have an idea of what it is likely to cost to tile all the rooms you want tiled. This cost should be inclusive of a contractor should you decide to hire one to do the job for you.

  1. Maintenance

This refers to the cleaning and the repairs. You need to choose tiles that are durable and don’t need to be repaired every so often. How often repairs are needed depends on the quality of the tiles, their care and how well they were installed. Don’t scratch them using hard or sharp things. Instead, take good care of them so that they can serve you for a good long time. Should you need any repairs, you can call professional companies like Sandifer’s Stone Restoration Company to do it for you. Tiles are generally easy to clean as they are water resistant and do not absorb water. As such, you can simply wipe off any dirt that is on them.



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