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Renovating to utilize your garage space in a family home


Sorensen-Jones residence for Menter Architects and Schultz:Miller builders; Nov., 2011

Sorensen-Jones residence for Menter Architects and Schultz:Miller builders; Nov., 2011

With house prices seemingly ever on the rise, many people are looking for ways to make better use of the space they have in their home, rather than making a move to a bigger property. If your home has a garage, it could just provide the extra space you have been looking for.

Transformation ideas

There are many ways an underused garage space can be transformed. These include creating another bedroom for a member of the family, a home office for a parent who has decided to work from home, or even a craft space for someone who needs plenty of room for their hobbies. These are the most obvious kinds of transformation, but a garage could also be converted into a reception or living room space, a movie theater or music studio, or even a micro home for a tenant or aged relative who needs a little looking after.

So how do you start transforming an unloved, cold and sterile garage into a place that people want to spend time in? Well, you already have the necessary three solid walls, so the first thing you want to address is whether your plans include keeping the existing entrance. This will depend on what type of use the converted garage will be put to. Perhaps all that is needed is to check that your garage door is working perfectly, but if not, then search for garage door repair Mississauga to get it in good shape. If, however, you are turning the garage into a seamless extension of your home, then it is likely you will need to replace the garage door with either a solid wall or a partition wall. An alternative to a solid wall could be folding glass doors that are both attractive and practical.

The next thing to implement is proper insulation, not only for the walls but also for the ceiling and floor. You will also need to add a heating system; one that is connected to the main system in your house or one that works independently. Electrics will need to be wired in to accommodate your technology needs. If you are turning the garage into a bathroom, kitchen or room with a sink, then you will also need to install plumbing to deliver and take away water.

Too often, a converted garage simply looks like a garage that has been converted, rather than a proper room and part of the house. To avoid this happening, you may want to consider adding some architectural features, such as a sloping or tiled roof or even dormer windows. It is also important to include windows and doors into your original design. To ensure that there is a seamless transition between your house and the garage, decorate it in the same colors and use the same materials.

A garage is not just a place to store your car when not in use, but a space that has the potential to increase the size of your home and even increase its market value.