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Resolve Your Thinning Hair

If You Or Someone You Know Has A Thinning Hair Problem Here Is A Great Way To Resolve That

There are so many crazy “quick” fixes on the market nowadays but it always ends up being a scam.  Nothing worth fixing is ever done quickly, especially if you want a permanent solution.  Unfortunately, there are medications and surgical ways to “fix” a thinning hair problem, but not everyone is ready to commit to that.  My Mom is 82 years young and she has thinning hair.  She was so excited when I received the Kierr Laser Hair Growth Cap System.  I couldn't wait to get her started. Kierr is a great company that offers an easy, completely pain-free way of stimulating hair growth in those thinning areas.  Not only does it work, but you can take it on the go too!

That Thinning Embarrassment

Thinning hair can be embarrassing and make you feel self-conscious.  Sometimes it's easier to hide it with baseball caps or other hats than to actually deal with the problem.  My ex-husband was balding from the time I met him until our divorce and he always wanted to do something but just never did.  Recently, he gave up and shaved his head completely bald.  You see, if you're a man that is an easy way of “hiding” the problem.  As women that's not as easy to do.  Don't get me wrong, there are some gorgeous bald women!  However, it's not the solution most women would use.  Thankfully, that's where Kierr comes in.

This laser hair growth system is one of the easiest solutions I've found to help with thinning hair.  You use it for 30 minutes every other day and again, there's no pain involved!  My Mother was so excited to be my “guinea pig” and try this system out.  Unfortunately, we won't know the results in time because this isn't an “overnight” fix, but she'll continue using it.  She can't wait to see her results.

There's No Overnight Fix

Speaking of an “overnight” fix, there is no such product out there!  If someone is promising quick results please beware.  It's not something that can fixed quickly so please don't believe it.  That's why you need a reputable, quality system such as Kierr that has done the science that proves it works!  However, the only way it works is if you use it as intended and consistently.  As I said above, it's to be used 30 minutes every other day.  It will give your head a warming sensation, but it's not alarming or hurtful.  My Mother actually enjoyed it.

This system comes with a handheld charger that connects to the hat.  This hat can be placed into the included baseball cap and as it works it blinks to let you know it's working.  You will hear a tone every 10 minutes and it shuts itself off after your 30 minute cycle.  It's so easy to use!

Please check out this amazing laser system because it's something that actually works!

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