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How to Improve Your Sleep During Pregnancy

So many things change when you are pregnant, most daily tasks are more difficult. But sleeping can be the worst and most frustrating part of your day or night. If you normally sleep on your back the farther you get into your pregnancy you will have to adjust to sleeping on your side.

Your first trimester is generally safe to sleep on your back but as your pregnancy progresses it can become increasingly dangerous. The weight of your uterus increases and applies pressure to one of the major veins that is responsible for returning blood to your heart. When your blood flow slows down so does your baby's ability to receive oxygen and all of the proper nutrients.

Rest Rite Sleep Positioner attaches directly onto your back that is easily removed, residue-free, medical grade adhesive, therefore helping prevent you from sleeping on your back, while naturally keeping you in one of the safest and best positions during your pregnancy.

Rest Rite                                                                              Rest Rite


Rest Rite Sleep Positioner is better than the best pregnancy pillows because it will not shift or move during the night. It doesn't lose its effectiveness as it works its way our from under your back as most of the sleep pillows do. This helps gently remind your body to stay on a particular side and remain more comfortable during your pregnancy.

Other benefits of the Rest Rite Sleep Positioner include:

Instant Relief – They work as soon as you apply.
Drug Free – no prescription needed.
Discreet – small and effective.
Easy To Travel WIth – pop into any size bag.
Comfortable – no straps, velcro or elastic.
Affordable – cheaper than expensive sleep pillows.
Applied with Medical Grade Adhesive – sturdy and effective yet easy and comfortable to remove.
Tired Bed Partners Feel The Relief, Too! – helps manage snoring, restlessness and other sleep-inhibiting issue.


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