reusable bamboo cutlery

Reduce Your Plastic Footprint By Using Reusable Bamboo Cutlery That Is Sustainable

Are you anything like I was?  When I would go into work (when I worked in an office) I'd bring my lunch along with my plastic utensils.  With no thought at all, I'd chuck them into the trash and go on with my day.  Not only was that ridiculous, but it was also very irresponsible.  It still bothers me that I did that with no conscience.  Well, now I am treating my world a bit differently.  I use reusable, sustainable bamboo cutlery!  As a matter of fact, recently theotherstraw sent me this beautiful Bamboo Cutlery Set that's wrapped in a very nice fabric sleeve.  It comes in handy so often that I carry it with me in my bag whenever I leave the house.  Unfortunately, right now we're dealing with the CoronaVirus crisis, so the only going out I'm doing is maybe to go out in nature, but I can still use my cutlery set.

reusable bamboo cutlery

A Reusable Gift That Keeps On Giving

With Mother's Day soon approaching, what better gift is there to give your own Mom than a gift that continues to give?  Not only is the bamboo sustainable, but this amazing company donates 50% of profits to ocean clean up projects!  There's not much more you could want in a product, but there's more.  Tell your Mom (or other loved one) goodbye to plastic and hello to sustainability.  This cutlery set is lightweight and as I said earlier, it will fit inside your bag with no problem.  She could use the metal utensils, but who wants to carry those around?  Not me!  Plus, you're helping the Earth by purchasing from theotherstraw.  That is what I call a real gift.

reusable bamboo cutlery

The cutlery set is 100% natural, completely handmade, biodegradable, durable, sustainable, and of course, reusable.  That's a lot of “able”s.  The set contains a fork, spoon, and knife all made of bamboo.  It also comes in an attractive fabric sleeve that holds it all so you can take it on the go.

reusable bamboo cutlery

If you're looking for more than just cutlery, theotherstraw also offers straws, coconut bowls, and, of course, the cutlery.  Go and check them out!

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