A review of Isagenix IsaLean


A meal replacement shake that has clinical proof of lean muscle build up, it aids fat loss and there are nearly 23 vitamins and minerals and 24 grams of protein present in the shake.

This formula serves as a superior meal replacement shake owing to the minimal quantity of sodium, fat and cholesterol. It can also be mixed with water to from an instant drink. It also claims that there are no hormones or antibiotics in these proteins. Hence, it makes Isagenix a great weight loss solution if it is true.

Ingredients Used and Side Effects

1. Milk Protein Concentrate

Nearly 40% to 90% of the protein is weight milk extract that is processed after drying. It is a cheap form of protein and is also added in foods to increase the protein value.

It might lead to problems such as adulteration of melamine, causing problems such as ogan damage.

2. Fructose

It is a form of fruit sugar that has no nutritional value but is added to make it sweet and it might lead to cardiovascular risks.

3. Xanthum Gum

It is a thickener added as a processing agent and it comprises of fermented sugar along with bacteria. It has side effects such as stomach problems, loose stools, bloating and flatulence.

Quality of Ingredients Used

A high level of sugar content is present, as it comprises of 240 calories and does not make it a great weight loss agent. Also, you might have to burn more calories when you are consuming this, thereby making it a bad meal replacement. Although the proteins are also more, they come from non-fat milk and concentrate, which will be available for a much cheaper price. The ingredients that are present here are high in calories and they do not serve the purpose of assisting you to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Business and Customer Opinion

Isagenix International is the company that creates this brand and they have 43 complaints against them in Better Business Bureau’s website. The auto shipment proved to be a major complaint among consumers as they were charged automatically without their notice. Even though it was escalated and brought to the notice of the company, there were no responses provided by the company.

Many people complained of side effects without losing weight. The side effects included nausea, upset stomach, diarrhoea and headaches. The taste was also not appreciated by the customers and they were unable to return the product or get their money back.


The marketing behind Isagenix is done in a perfect manner; thereby giving the company great sales. However, the sugar and calories present in the serving is too high and it might not help an individual to lose weight in any manner. You can research the ingredients by yourself if you want to have a fair idea regarding the same. There are other options available that have only 1 gram of sugar and low calories as well; which would make them a great choice for meal replacement.


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