REvive and REvitalize, the brand-new vitality drinks from Rushmore Essentials, are the delicious, natural and convenient way to have better wellbeing, focus & stamina – without the jitters and crash of an “energy” drink – and without all the artificial ingredients, stimulants and chemicals in those drinks.
Drink RE two ways – add REvitalize to your daily routine at home or the office; it is made from 21 fruits & super-fruits specially blended to give you the antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, flavonoids and phytochemicals you need to feel healthy and beautiful – both inside and out. Or, for people on the go, REvive “shots” are perfect to throw into your bag or briefcase for an on-the-go “lift”; it’s great to take with you when traveling, too. REvive has all the same wonderful, effective ingredients as REvitalize, plus green tea extract for extra antioxidant protection. And no worries – REvive and REvitalize are totally safe and contain NO artificial stimulants, chemicals, preservatives or added sugars. Just pure, natural fruit juice, fruit puree and green tea extract.
Here’s to more life, more health and more vitality with RE!


REvive & REvitalize are available at stores across the country and online at

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The nice people of Revive are going to give one of my lucky readers a chance to win some for themselves , enter below and good luck

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