RevMark Marker – You Can’t Lose It!

I love markers.  I use them all the time.  And lose them all the time.  It never fails.  I either put down the marker and it ends up getting buried in my papers or misplace the cap.  When I am at work, I put the marker down and sure enough someone grabs it on me, and now I am stuck trying to find another marker.  I cannot even imagine if I worked in a field where I had to literally depend on a marker all day long to note things or mark things, especially in construction where you need to mark wood or material to cut.  They must spend half their time looking for markers, and I am sure there is nothing worse than figuring where you have to mark and not being able to because you need to grab a marker – then you practically need to measure all over again so you can mark the correct spot!


The RevMark Marker makes sure I never lose my marker again, either by my own hand or someone else’s.  The marker cap attaches to your belt, uniform, pocket, etc.  It is like a holster except you are pulling out a pen.  You just push down with your thumb on the cap as you take the marker out.  Then when you are done using it, you just put it back in the holster and it is ready for you again when you need it, no searching for it next time you need it or trying to find the cap to put it back on the marker when you are finished with it.  RevMark Markers come in black, blue, and red (and the red is great for corrections, great idea for a teacher).  RevMark also sponsored a Facebook post by Mike Rowe from the show “Dirty Jobs” which you can check out here.


For the person who loves do it yourself jobs, if you or someone in your family is an electrician, a plumber, a contractor, a teacher, the RevMark Marker would be an awesome stocking stuffer and would will end up saving them time because the marker is right at their fingertips literally, and time means money with a lot of those jobs.  Of course, I use it for just for normal everyday things (writing out Christmas tags, school stuff, volunteer work, etc), and it saves me time from looking for the marker or cap and frustration!