After raising two boys ages 12 and 7 I finally got to raise a girl! Naturally, as any overly excited mother I took such delight in EVERYTHING girlie. If I could have bathed in the color pink I would have. Now I realize I may have gone a bit over the top, not all moms like pink and ruffles as much as I desired them. However,  for the sake of argument many moms who finally get the chance to have pinks, purples and frills are beyond thrilled.

After buying about a million different bows, hair clips, headbands and anything with a flower on it for her perfect head. I realized something… WHAT IF SHE HAS NO HAIR? Of course, she will have to wear the headbands, but what about the hair clips?? Those precious clips won't be in her hair until she's 100. Then by some miracle Girlie Glue made its way to my home! Finally, a way to put flowers and bows in her hair without a headband that slips off.b2Thanks to Girlie Glue my sweet 5 week old can look her best, and while she was born with a ton of hair, it's quite fine that hair clips would slip out. I have to admit I was excited about Girlie Glue but also apprehensive to use it. Who in the right mind would “glue” anything to their infant's head? Of course, the product claims to wash out with water but what if it does not? I will forever be that irresponsible mother if it doesn't. So, I carefully read the back label to find the list of ingredients and they were simple, natural and NOT really a glue at all. (phew, sigh of relief). The glue is more a paste of water and agave and sugar and no other ingredients.

girlie glueI then happily went forth and used the smallest dab on a tiny bow and placed it sweetly on my daughters head. HOW CUTE! Then when it came time to remove the bows and felt flowers, it did in fact just dissolve in water! ( yes, I did let out one last sigh of relief) Now, I use Girlie Glue the time because it's super easy and beyond adorable!bows Girlie Glue has a whole selection of hair accessories in a variety of colors for your little one.  Not only does Girlie Glue work on the hair it works on the skin so older girls can use the felt shapes and flowers as stick-on earrings! What a great idea, who doesn't remember trying to put on sticker earrings only to have them fall off? Now young girls can be stylish without the worry! What a wonderful way for girls to accessorize!

flowersI have found my must have for all Girlie Girls and I urge you to check out Girlie Glue online and see all the affordable accessories for the adorable princess in your life.

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