Ridiculous Range of Luxury Vehicles Available

Luxury cars come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It may be a German machine or it may be an Italian make. The essence of the vehicle being themed luxuriously has some exclusivity to it. The common man can not afford to purchase a luxury car with a regular salary. A luxury car may cost from $40,000 USD up to millions. More often than not, people of affluence are the ones that can purchase these beasts. It is typically a social status in most parts of the world when one is seen driving around in a luxury car. Here are some of the types of luxury cars to help you get a better understanding. 

BMW X Series 

The German company that is identified worldwide for producing desirable cars has an impressive collection of luxury vehicles known as the X series. The models run between X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7. This brand is well-known for having a distinct look that offers the driver an outstanding presence on the road. With top speeds of up to 155 miles per hour, the car is reasonably fast. The vehicles also have a decent interior finishing not to mention that comfort has not been compromised at all. If you are looking for a starter, you might want to consider the X series. 

Mercedes G-Class 

The worldwide leader in luxury cars has an awesome entrant in the luxury car arena, the G-Wagon. The heavy-duty SUV is a boxy-styled car that oozes luxury from wheels to roof. The vehicle has a smooth drive feel to it and has been designed to fit a high statute. The top speeds are about 149 miles per hour and the car comes with the option of being armored (bulletproof). It may cost your upwards of $125,000 Euros to acquire a G-Wagon. 

Rolls Royce 

The Roll Royce is one of the most rented vehicles by Milani Exotic Car Rentals. This may be the top of the top concerning luxury SUVs. A full-sized British car is a well-designed machine that never fails to capture the road user's attention. Many people like the Rolls Royce because it is designed with a bespoke approach. The user chooses the exact details of how they want their automobile. It has a V12 twin-turbocharged engine that makes it a beast when it comes to performance. The car may cost you upwards of $450,000 USD. 

Cadillac Escalade 

This full-sized luxury SUV is amongst the biggest of them all. Cadillac is an American company and the big statue of the car is synonymous with the larger-than-life lifestyle in America. The vehicle is equipped with a V8 engine, a top speed of 130 miles per hour, and a leather interior that always encapsulates what a luxury car is. Purchasing this bad boy may cost you upwards of $65,000 USD, and if you want additional features, you should add some money to get the car souped-up. 


French car manufacturers produce some of the most expensive luxury cars in the world with cars ranging from 1 million dollars upward to 19 million dollars. The brand has become infamous for having top speeds of up to 267 miles per hour, which many people call demonic speeds. The cars have a W18 engine, which is equivalent to two V8 engines. The vehicle has a low stature and cannot be driven on bumpy roads. It is truly a car that stands out. 


The vehicles mentioned above are some of the many luxury cars available on the market. If you want to hire a luxury car, consider any of the vehicles listed above.

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