We have been to Tennessee a lot this year and on one of our trips we were able to go to the Ripley's Haunted adventure 1453525_10201538666841590_1829074500_n. Well im a scary cat and when I get nervous I have this stupid gagging reflex going on. I'll say this all of the people really get into their roles. to the guy at the top.


From the guy who takes you up into the top in this creaky old elevator to the guy who looks like a creep at the top who tells you the rules. you are in complete darkness and you need to keep your hand on the person in front of you at all times, or get lost and never be seen again. Yeah I was  scared we go in and you cannot see anything complete darkness.

We have to pretty much feel your way with your hands, I had Ray by his pants and pretty much choking him, Adam was behind me and Ronnie behind him. Then we had another couple and the wife was at the end. We are walking and feeling our way and we come across the first room , it's the Dr cutting up the body and of course the drunk lady has to get close and see. He asks her if she wants some and throws it at us.



Another room has body bags all over the way and you have to find your way out, then we hear a voice telling us to follow her , umm hell no we continue and come up these doors rattling and people saying help me and someone grabs my leg and I scream.



Then we come  to a guy in a straight jacket in a jail cell and my brother-in-law starts messing with him, after we pass him he comes out and holds on to the lady who is telling him he's going to get dropped kicked.


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We walk through some rooms that have roaches and caskets of the dearly departed and finally come up to a room that's lit up and I breathe because were at the end, so I thought all of a sudden this door opens and chain saw man comes out and I run and leave everyone . I was save myself I have never ran so fast in my life, now were in the elevator and it's not shutting and he's somewhere. Finally it closes and we go down and you think your safe  nope now there's a car coming towards you lol. Finally it closes and we are safe. This was the most fun we had in such a long time and we laughed so  much. If you ever get the chance you should check this out for yourself.


Heres some info about the Haunted Adventure


In 1999, Ripley’s acquired property once known as the Grimsby & Streaper Casket Company.

Although advised by locals that unnatural things went on inside, Ripley’s began conducting tours of the former casket factory until decisions are made on how to better utilize this valuable location.

Now is your chance to visit the factory closed permanently in 1926 due to the strange disappearance of both company owners.  Please be advised that you are entering at your own risk and that Ripley’s assumes no responsibility for your return!

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  1. EJ (Jane) says:

    I do not do well with this kind of creepy stuff, I’m a big chicken!

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