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While I'm not always excited to do the laundry(try never), I was excited the day my Robby Wash Laundry Ball arrived. The simple packaging contained the instructions, ready to use laundry ball, extra packets of macro-molecule beads, and the pre-treater stain stick. Immediately I opened the box snapped a couple pictures then I put the Robby Wash right to work. Since the ball comes pre-loaded with the beads you just toss it in with your clothing and wash like normal. The Blue laundry ball is made for hot or cold loads which is great for our family since I use both settings, but you can also grab the Pink which is used for cold washes only. The cool thing about the Robby Wash is though it's better for the environment and it's hypoallergenic it still has a light fragrance that left my clothes smelling clean and fresh.

12 months of laundry for $32.95? 24 months for $49? Sound impossible? If you do a lot of laundry like me (several loads a day sometimes) you may not make it all 12 months on one Robby Wash Laundry Ball but definitely a few months! It lasts for about 120 loads with one ball (use 2 balls for oversized washers). Imagine how much money you will save.

I can say my clothes are still coming out clean and smelling great! The thought of only having to buy this once a year or buying a two-pack just every other year sounds amazing. The cost savings of Robby Wash really are worth it when you consider, you'll never pour in too much, no more running out to buy detergent without a sale. Convenience is huge! I love how easy this is just toss it in and go

The Robby Wash blue laundry ball pack is designed to be used in both cold and hot water for 12 months on average with softness and colors maintained. Does not require any additional detergent to clean clothes or odor removal detergents to get your laundry smelling fresh. Works with both front load and top load washing machines. The pack includes the blue washing ball, a stain stick and three extra packets of macro-molecule pellets. For advanced cleaning on dark clothes we also offer a fuchsia wash ball.

Simple to use – just put it in the wash. The Robby wash ball is an ultra high efficiency laundry solution with no need to add any detergent. Makes doing the laundry very easy and saves you the hassle of lugging home large containers of laundry detergent and cleaning up if you spill when adding detergent to your washer. Refill ball when level of maco-molecule pellets is less than 75% full. For over-sized washing machines we recommend using two washing balls.

This pack contains 10 ounces of macro-molecules which can clean for 12 months. This is equivalent to 1200+ ounces (75+ lbs) of washing powder. Consider what you are no longer dumping down the drain.

Economical: No need to buy washing powder, a savings of up to $100+ over 200 washes.

Caring for you laundry has never been so easy, efficient or inexpensive — as soon as the machine starts, the ball gets to work:
– Hypoallergenic and great choice as a baby laundry detergent cleaner or for someone with sensitive skin
– Cleans and protects your clothes
– Guards fabrics against oxidation and discoloration caused by chlorine in the water, and maintains your clothes' springiness
– Eliminates unpleasant smells thanks to its antibacterial action
Robby Wash saves you money but that's not all that makes it exceptional – it's the only laundry ball that add a light fragrance that you expect from your washing experience.
Can be used in both front loading high efficiency washing machines as well as standard top loading machines. Note: Be sure to use the wash ball with a full load of laundry as the wash ball can get damaged if run with a very light load.
How it works:
The Robby Wash ball uses a unique and patented worldwide technology to clean your laundry even better than the powder laundry detergents it was independently tested against. Its activated macromolecules are gradually released through the wash, dissolving dried-in stains by generating ions which activate the water molecules. This increase in the pH enables the activated molecules to penetrate deep into the fabrics and attach themselves to the stains. As the motion of the drum agitates the clothes, the stains come away easily from the fabric and dissolve in the water. Of all the systems on the market, Robby Wash's effectiveness is tested, proven and guaranteed.


To learn more about Robby Wash, please visit the Oransi website.

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