Rocky & Bella’s premier product is Spark, a new, natural, whole-food supplement formulated by a leading veterinarian that is available as a powder that is sprinkled on cat and dog food. The supplement is the first to offer such a comprehensive combination of whole-food ingredients that includes liver powder, blueberries and algae super foods. I had been giving my dogs the spark supplement mixed in their food. I like to give my dogs supplements as coco has very dry skin. I see a difference when she is getting the correct vitamins and eating the right foods. If not she will itch so bad she pulls her own hair out. Her hair us grown in since using the spark daily nutritional supplement.


My girl coco also had torn her acl. Which now she has clicking when she walks. I do see a difference since adding spark to her food. I also do add it to crystals food. She is a 14 year old husky. She has had constipation in the past. Which if she's getting the right nutrients it should help keep her regular. Usually when you add supplements to their food they smell it and won't eat it. Yeah, I have very picky dogs. When I put the spark on there food they eat it. I have even put pills in cheese and they pick it out. I have put powders in there food and they eat the kibbles and not the wet food that has the powder in it. So when they had eaten all the food with spark on it. I would say it passed my dogs test. For more information click here.

One serving per day provides support for:
Healthy bones, teeth and coat
Good digestion and nutrient absorption
Joint and muscle health
Immune system and normal recovery
Healthy hormone levels
Supports the body to fight free radicals
Important vitamins & minerals for growth, aging and normal cell repair



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