What is your favorite ‘go to’ snack? Mine is popcorn. I am not ashamed to admit that popcorn has been considered a meal from time to time. It seems that in our busy lives, something that is easy to grab and yet still healthy has to be a staple around the house.

Well, make not doubts about it…Rocky Mountain Popcorn is an awesome gourmet popcorn. I have had the opportunity to try some of their flavors recently, and OH MY – YUMM! That was the general consensus around my house.

Rocky Mountain popcorn comes in different flavors which includes kettle, jalapeño, butter, white cheddar, naked and caramel. A just churned taste as big as the Rockies. Made with a fresh pop of authentic farmhouse butter flavor. With the six different flavors you can satisfy that crave. The caramel, and kettle were my favorites. They are gluten free, whole grain, non tom kernels, natural and nut free. They come in different size bags, 1.5 Paz, 3 oz and 25 oz bag.

They also have pop lets. Sea salt( enjoy natural butter flavor with a hint of sea salt in this delicious snack with big corn crunch), asiago ranch ( enjoy rich asiago cheese and savory ranch flavor in this delicious snack with the big corn crunch), chile picante ( spicy, south of the border flavor in this delicious snack).


They only come in size 2.7 oz bags.
Then there are Diego's chips. They come in red chile and habanero potato chips. They come in 5 oz bags and 1.75 oz bags.
Caution: contents hot and flavorful. Some chips claim to be spicy, but may leave you feeling, we'll, underwhelmed. Iridologist suave! Meet Diego's chips: the bold, spicy snack that's positively brimming with authentic flavors of the southwest. Hot enough to make your taste buds represent- with a fiery spice blend the redefines the borders of great taste. For information click here.


They also use recyclable packaging for their “NottaTins” instead of the usual tins that just go to the dump. I am always excited about companies that truly have our future in mind. Not only are they a great company, they have DELICIOUS popcorn! I am hooked on the jalapeno and butter flavors, but they also have many sweet ones too like caramel and cinnamon sugar

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