“I wanted to let you know about Roo Outdoor, a company founded by former NFL Quarterback Mike Kafka and our “game changing” hand warmer – the Inferno Hand Pouch – an ideal holiday gift for athletes, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.”


The Inferno Sport Hand Pouch


The Inferno Sport Hand Pouch will offer you a confident layer of armor against some of the harshest weather. While it was developed for athletes by quarterback Mike Karka. Inferno Sport hand warmer is an amazing solution to cold days spent outside. Either playing sports or just being outside hanging out. It is patent-pending, lightweight and super slim and sleek. While not being bulky it still provides an amazing amount of warmth that is enhanced by PolarTec Insulation Technology.


And this will be the perfect gift for anyone on your list that is outside a lot during the colder times. Because the belt is adjustable and will fit most – ranging from 27″ to 46″. And you receive a pair of hand warmers that will provide up to 7 hours of extra warmth. And these are found in several stores, so you can always keep some with you. Color choices are black/red/blue or green. Ambassadors for the Inferno Hand Pouch are Tyrell Sutton/Andrew Brewer/Riley Cooper/Miles Burris and Chad Hall. Really? How could you argue with them?


This amazing pouch was created to keep our hands warm without being bundlesome and bulky. If you are a serious athlete every piece of equipment and extra weight matter. For the hard to buy person on your list. This would make a wonderful and very unique gift. Can you imagine the surprise on their face when they open this?

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