“A witch had a cat and a very tall hat…” begins this rhyming story based on the book by Julia Donaldson. The DVD presents the story of a witch who, riding on her broom, keeps losing precious objects like her hat and her bow. Inevitably, a kind animal will find the object and return it to the grateful witch, who repays her new friends by offering them a ride on her magnificent broom.

Soon, the broom gets a little crowded, but the witch is happy with her animal friends. Then, when she faces a fearsome and very hungry dragon, her friends come to her aid once again. she repays them with a special surprise that has room enough for everyone.


Starting with the solid story from the book, the DVD brings the characters to life with enchanting animation, captivating music and solid voice acting. Kids will love the movie, and parents can use the movie and book to get kids excited about reading and early literacy skills like rhyming. The story also depicts a great lesson about showing kindness and selflessness, even when it might not be the most comfortable thing.

Room on the Broom is not a Halloween story by any means and is great for any time of year, but being about a witch, it is a great title for the fall/Halloween season and a fun book/movie combo for Halloween parties or activities for preschoolers or early elementary kids.

Room on the Broom – Bonus Features

Artwork Gallery
Julia Donaldson Live Performance
Behind the Scenes

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