Room On The Broom -- App Review

  • Collect stars as you fly – what will your high score be?
  • Pick up all the friends – Dog, Bird and Frog and fly together!
  • Beware of the Dragon. He’s looking for Witch and chips and breathing fire behind you!
  • Catch letters to spell phonic friendly words!
  • Take off using the simple and intuitive mechanic!
  • Soar over the moors and mountains from the beautiful children’s picture book!


Here's a fun game for young children who cannot read yet, or are perhaps learning to spell sight words. Room on the Broom: Flying was created by Magic Light Pictures Ltd. and is available on iTunes. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch (4th generation or newer), iPad and iPad Mini (2nd generation or newer) and requiring iOS 6.0 or later. With no in-app purchases available, this is a safe one for the kids to play without parents worrying about unexpected purchases showing up in their iTunes order history.

The mechanics of the game could not be easier. Simply tap the screen to launch the witch's broom. Each time you tap the screen the witch goes higher. Want to lower her flight level, just stop tapping for a second or two. But don't let her fly too low or she'll crash into the forest and it's Game Over!

Room on the Broom: Flying is a simple, easy and fun game based on the Room on the Broom picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler. With Halloween upon us once again, this will be a favorite with the early elementary age crowd. The main character is a Witch (of course) who flies on a magical broomstick above a forest, collecting stars and special items while avoiding dangerous dragons (whose favorite food is witches) and Halloween pumpkins, among other undesirables that can knock her friends Cat, Dog and Bird off the broomstick.

Room On The Broom -- App Review

Watch out for dangers in the game like bats, pumpkins and others, for if you touch them one of your passengers (dog, bird or frog) will fall off of the witch's broom. You do have the option to try to pick these characters back up (which will allow you to play longer and get higher final scores). Lose them all and game play is done. But, fear not, you can play again as many times as you like. And, at the end of each play, you may be given the option to enter your name and be featured on the High Score leaderboard for all time!

Room On The Broom -- App Review

I love that the game incorporates some spelling instruction in the guise of fun. Occasionally, a short sight word will show up on the screen. As you tap the screen to control how high the witch flies, collect the letters to spell this sight word. Easier said than done, you have to be pretty precise about pushing the witch higher or letting her go lower and be able to look ahead of where she's flying to determine where the letters are, but it's definitely a lot of fun trying to catch those letters. I think it will be a fun and memorable way for kids to learn these short, simple words. Not a complete education in and of itself, but an enjoyable adjunct activity to the instruction they receive at school. And it's no big deal if you miss the letters as there is no negative message that is displayed if you do, so for those who aren't very good at that particular challenge it's not pointed out.

Room On The Broom -- App Review

My 7-yr-old niece, A., who hates sitting still long enough to practice spelling or naming her sight words, absolutely adores this game! She especially likes trying to collect the letters to spell the words (go figure). For teachers out there, this might be a fun game to offer children as a reward for working hard to learn their sight words, though I (and they, too) would probably love to see an educational version that could be manipulated to include particular sight words that their students are currently working on in their classrooms. If anyone at Magic Light Pictures reads this review, perhaps they will consider this option in the future.


I haven't read the picture book that this game is based on, but I am definitely interested in checking out Room on the Broom after playing the game and seeing how much it engaged my niece.

Also, check out the Room on the Broom website for other news, book info, game trailers and more.

Room On The Broom -- App Review

The graphics are great and I love the beautiful colors and eye-catching design of this game. It's a win!!!

Many thanks to Magic Light Pictures Ltd. for allowing me to try out this fun app and share my experiences.

Disclaimer: I was provided a link to download this app for purposes of review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.


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