Oh My Goodness! The cooking guru's have hit a homerun with the Rosewill Convection Oven! I had never cooked with a convection oven before but I love this oven. I can cook an entire meal all at one time quickly and so easily. My husband and I have started eating healthier and Rosewill has just given us an upper hand on cooking healthier and quicker.


So easy to assemble and just as easy to use. Great for low-fat cooking because it helps seal in the natural moisture and flavors of the food. So many different ways that you can cook your foods: broil, roasts, bakes, grills, BBQ all without water. You can also fry your food without oil or you can steam, defrost and disinfect ( baby bottles or anything else you may need disinfected ).


Rosewill is so amazing they added this great extender ring with this. You may ask what it does. Well, I was curious myself but when added you can cook larger pieces of meat, such as turkeys or hams. You may not use this each time you cook but during holidays this will be used frequently. Well at least at my house it will be.


The lid is very well marked and helps you decide how long to cook your food. A safety button on the back that keeps the oven from heating up  if the handle is raised – such as when you are putting the lid on or taking it off. So less danger of getting burned.Rosewill

You receive two cooking racks so you can layer your food and cook more at one time. The triangle item that you see pictured is a wonderful tong that lets you attach to the racks and pick them up with less chance of getting burned. I will give this warning – the glass bowl does get hot ( whatever temperature you are cooking at ) so be careful and do not touch it or let your children near. Also the steam when you take the lid off is hot, so just be careful and get to cooking. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I LOVE mine!

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