Everybody knows what pipes are and how important they are, especially when talking about the bathroom (toilet, tub, shower, sink) or kitchen sinks.  The last thing you want is a clog or for something to happen to those pipes.  That is why routine maintenance is so important, to try to prevent something from happening before you have a big problem.

If you are in an area where you have a septic system, I think it may be even more important because so many things can happen with people flushing things that the septic can't handle or other things and I had a septic once and to repair those are expensive.

All these little things can add up to one big headache, which is why it is so important to do routine maintenance.  Roto-Rooter is the one resource you need for routine maintenance of your pipes and systems.  By going to their website, you can find your local Roto-Rooter plumber and even scheduling appointments online. Roto-Rooter has a whole line of products that you can purchase by contacting your local Roto-Rooter that vary from Pipe Shield to grease dissolver (if you are like me and pour the grease down  the drain, I know not recommended but sometimes I just do it without thinking) and even a sugar residue digestant.  Roto-Rooter thinks of the things that I would never even begin to imagine I would need for maintenance of my pipes.

I no longer live in an area with a septic system, but I can tell you from experience that if something goes wrong there, it is super expensive. I have had to replace the septic tank AND the leach field (twice!).  It is no minor repair.  What is minor is the products that Roto-Rooter has to protect them and maintain them so maybe you can avoid something happening.  They have Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment or Septic Tank and Leach Field treatment, Waste Digestant, and RootX which kills tree and shrub roots that grow in sewer lines, septic systems, or storm pipes and prevent regrowth.  RootX is something that they recommend be applied by a plumbing professional but anything else you can pretty much follow the directions on your own.  Their products are stronger and better than what you find in your local store, designed to keep clogs from forming, and are environmentally safe. Why wait for clogs and have to get them fixed when with some simple maintenance you can hopefully prevent them?

You can go to Roto-Rooter's website and find out more about their products, find your local Roto-Rooter to find a plumber and/or order the products for maintenance, and read their FAQ's and How-To page.  It is a valuable source of information with tips and articles.  If you find yourself in the need of a plumber and are past the maintenance stage, you can call them because many have emergency services available 24/7 and then when that problem is fixed you can start your maintenance (which is what I did because I was clueless about septic systems at first).

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