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A Fun Way to Break Your Boredom

Rubik Fun

Ooh ahh is what my kids feel about Rubik’s! They are such a fun invention of mind boggling excitement. What is even better is having the world’s smallest Rubik’s cube! Who knew that a small one, the size of a quarter even existed? There’s even a fun one called the Rubik’s Revolution. With another one called the Rubik’s Tilt.

Rubik 2

Solve Puzzles

Rubik’s, the inventor, knew what fun it was to get kids to solve puzzles and get those brain wheels turning. Through time, the Rubik’s cube has become popular all over the world. There are even contests and talent shows featuring the Rubik’s.

What, Smallest Ever?

The smallest Rubik’s cube in the world is so cute! It features metallic colors and actually does work! Featuring dimensions of 3/4″x 3/4″ x 3/4”, you have to be agile in twisting the cube tiles around! The vibrant colors are what you remember them to be; green, blue, white, yellow, orange, and red. The 9 individual tiles move from an X and Y axis. It is a challenge for the player to reformat the cube back to all one solid color again for each side! I spent hours trying the Rubik’s myself and I still am off a square or two! However it doesn’t matter, as the joy of playing the cube is what makes it worth playing.

The Tilt

Have you ever seen the Rubik’s Tilt? It is such a fun game console that is created by motion. To play it you must twist it, turn it, and tilt it! There is an animated Rubik’s on the screen that you have to solve.  It is a game of intuition and it takes plenty of critical thinking. The control buttons are at the back and you could use them to choose hints, adjust your timer, and set your choice of difficulty level. There is beginner, cube solver, and speed cuber.

Rubik Revolution

The Rubik’s Revolution is such a fun game to play. For instance; you can use it in ice breakers, relays, and long road trips for boredom busting in the car. It is for light speed action of trying to find where the blinking light will pop up and to press on it as fast as you can. You try to beat your time or your competitors time. It can be played on a singular or multiplayer level. There is rapid recall, varying level of challenges, voice prompts, sound effects and led lights. My children couldn’t stop laughing when trying to be quick, agile, and think at the same time when they played this.

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